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Future of Cars

From driverless cars to the future of public transportation. The future of mobility and how people get around is evolving every day. Ride sharing services and self-driving cars have already hit our roads, and though flying cars may be a long way away, the future of cars has already begun.

The ethics of autonomous vehicles

There are many practical and technical questions about the implementation of autonomous vehicles. But there are also many ethical questions that should be considered - Read more

The cost of car ownership in Australia

Australians love driving and most of us prefer to drive to work than take any other method, but is it the most financially savvy thing to do? - Read more

Car sharing: The pros and cons

How much does it cost you to run your car? Is car sharing an option that makes more sense for your driving needs? Discover the pros and cons to find out - Read more

What car sharing is and why it’s growing in popularity

As Australia’s population grows, our major cities are becoming more densely populated. And with this growth, car sharing is becoming much more popular - Read more

The future of the automotive industry

It is entirely possible that you will own a driverless and automated vehicle in the future as cars become sophisticated computers on wheels - Read more

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