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How to secure a pet-friendly rental home

20 December 2019

Pets are a much adored member of the modern family. Many Australians even favour homes that are pet-friendly over homes that are closer to family and friends. Despite this, the Suncorp Home Index shows that only 10 per cent of rental homes are actually labelled as pet friendly! So, if you have a fur baby and you’re looking for a place to call home, how can you get ahead?

Here’s some top tips to help you lock down a rental for you and your paw-some pal.

Speak to a real estate agent first

Finding a home for you and your fur baby can be tough, especially if you live inner-city, but speaking to a real estate agent about your pet’s needs and your budget can help. But before you do, think about things that tick the boxes of your ideal home. Maybe it’s living close to a park, and ensuring you have secure fencing or pet friendly floors. If you’re scouring the market, listings with pets in the image are always a good sign!

Be transparent with your landlord

Get on the front foot with your potential landlord and ask if they, or the building, have any rules about animals. Sometimes they can be quite specific about the type of animal or size permitted. For example, some may be okay with a cat or a small dog, but dogs over a certain size may be a no-go. If you do bring in a pet without telling them, this could breach your rental agreement and jeapordise your home.

Craft a ‘pet resume’ with a referral from a past landlord

Once you’ve you’ve reached out to the landlord and you’re ready to apply, it’s worth submitting a pet resume with your rental application on why your pet would be the be the paw-fect tenant. Rental application platform 1form even lets you upload one with your application.

Your pet resume could include your pet’s vaccination history, certificates of obedience training and hobbies, such as how often they like to be walked and the toys they play with. Include cute photos too! If you’ve lived in a previous rental with your fur baby, it’s also worthwhile asking your past landlord for a recommendation to go with your pet resume.

Offer up a pet bond and to put a pet clause in your rental agreement

Landlords can be pet-hesitant out of fear that they can cause damage or disturb the peace with neighbours. Put your potential landlord’s fears to rest by offering to place an extra clause in your rental agreement that will cover what you’ll do if there is any damage caused by your pet. You can also sweeten the deal by providing a pet bond. This will not only help to show your landlord that you’re a responsible pet owner, but a responsible tenant that can see things through their eyes.

Getting the right level of cover

No matter where you live, insuring the things that matter most to you is incredibly important—your fur baby should be no exception. Luckily, Suncorp Insurance offers Injury to Pet Dogs and Cats as an optional extra with our Contents Insurance. This means that if you incude your pet on your certificate of insurance and they’re injured in an accident at home, we’ll pay for necessary vet treatment. Exclusions apply, so be sure to read the PDS.

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