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VIDEO: Things you may not know may be covered by your home and contents insurance

23 May 2019

When you think of home and contents insurance, what comes to mind?

Chances are you thought of your house itself, and the high value things inside it, like your appliances, electronics, and furniture. And that’s fair! Suncorp Insurance defines a home as “your home that you own or are responsible for and use primarily for domestic purposes,” and your contents as “your household items that you own or are responsible for and use primarily for domestic purposes.” And it’s important to make sure those big, obvious items are covered.

But what about those things that don’t obviously fit within the definition of “home” or “contents.” Or that fall somewhere in the grey area between the two?

There’s plenty of stuff that’s covered by a Suncorp Insurance home and contents insurance policy that you might not have considered. That’s why we’ve provided this list of things you (probably) didn’t know were covered.


Food might not jump to mind when you think of house and contents insurance, as it’s perishable. But your groceries are a valuable item! Your contents policy covers refrigerated and frozen food and medicines in an insured event up to a fixed amount. The limit varies depending on your level of cover.

An “insured event”, FYI, means any event that’s mentioned in your Product Disclosure Statement as something that your policy may cover, such as fire, burglary, storm, and so on.


While debit cards, credit cards and smartphones are the most popular ways of paying for things nowadays, it’s not uncommon to keep a rainy-day stash of cash in your home. Within a fixed limit (that depends on your level of cover) cash, smart cards, phone cards, documents able to be cashed or traded, vouchers, money orders, or stamps may be covered by your contents policy in an insured event.


If you’re paying for phone insurance on top of home and contents, you might be over-insuring it! If it’s affected by an insured event at home, it could be covered. Your phone could even be covered when you’re out and about with Personal Valuables optional cover.


Like your phone, jewellery could be impacted both in your home, or when it’s worn out of the house. If it’s affected in the home by an insured event, it could be covered. But with Personal Valuables cover, it may also be covered once you leave for the day.

Stamp collections

Collections, sets and memorabilia, collectors pins, medals, and currency that is no longer in circulation may be covered up to $50,000 (depending on the type of cover).


Items permanently attached to your home may be covered under house and contents insurance. That means things like satellite dishes, letterboxes, solar panels, play equipment, pet houses, clothes lines, and outdoor lights may be covered up to a certain amount!

Remote control models

Don’t put the brakes on your remote-controlled models if they are impacted by an insured event. They may be covered up to a certain amount!

Legal liability

Legal liability covers compensation payments for up to $20 million, including relevant legal costs. There are differences between home legal liability and contents legal liability and limits within this, so make sure to read up on the Home and Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Home office equipment

If you have a home office and equipment you use for a business activity, it may be covered up to a fixed limit on your contents policy.

Tools of trade and equipment

Any builder or tradie knows just how expensive tools can be, and if you need to replace them it can really throw a spanner in the works. Luckily, tools or equipment used for a business activity, that aren’t part of home office equipment, may also be covered under Contents with fixed limits. Depending on your level of cover, tools and equipment could be covered for up to $5,000.

Pet accommodation

On the topic of pets, did you know that when temporary accommodation is provided for you under home insurance, it may also be provided for your pet? We’ll cover the cost of putting your pet in a commercial boarding establishment for the same period that your temporary accommodation is covered. Limits apply depending on your level of cover.

Storage of undamaged goods

When we think of contents insurance, we tend to focus on what’s been damaged or stolen. However, some features apply to undamaged goods. If undamaged contents can’t be kept at the insured address, we may cover the reasonable costs to store those goods until they can be returned home. This is paid up to a limit that depends on your level of cover.

Energy costs

Many Australians have made the switch to renewable energy. Fortunately, if your renewable green energy equipment is damaged or lost, we may cover additional electricity costs that this incurs and your electricity bill while you’re in temporary accommodation. This is a feature of the Classic Extras and Classic Advantages policies.

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Re-establishing important documents

Under contents cover, we’ll pay the costs to replace documents that are lost or damaged in an insured event. This includes jewellery valuations, passports, wills, the land title to your home, driver’s licences, marriage certificates, and birth certificates.

Boating equipment

In certain insured events, home insurance covers loss or damage to boat jetties, pontoons, mooring poles, and their attachments and accessories if they sit, or partly sit, within the insured address. 

Car parts

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking anything car-related fell within vehicle insurance. But, accessories and spare parts stored at the insured address for certain vehicles and craft are contents, so may be covered by contents insurance.

Long story short, there’s a lot of ins and outs of house and contents insurance. Check the Home & Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement to see exactly what is and isn’t covered by your home and/or contents policy.

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Insurance is issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as Suncorp Insurance. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about this insurance. This advice has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situations or needs, so you should consider whether it is appropriate for you before acting on it.