How does your state or territory compare: theft in Australia

15 September 2019

Anyone who’s had their home broken into knows it’s an awful feeling. Your privacy is violated and your sense of safety is seriously damaged. That feeling is only worsened when you realise what’s been taken. From jewellery to computers to art, your lost possessions can have real financial – and sentimental – value.

Fortunately, Suncorp’s home contents theft claims in Australia have been going down. Theft made up 9.3% of Suncorp claims in the 2017-18 Financial Year, but in the year ending June 30, 2019, theft made up just 5.42% of all claims. Hopefully, these numbers mean Australian homes are becoming more secure against burglars, and as a result, theft.

Most common Home and Contents claims 

Top Suncorp Home and Contents Claims in Australia, 2018-19 Financial Year

7 Top home and contents claims

How the states stack up

New South Wales gets the gong for most improved

In New South Wales, Suncorp theft claims decreased from 8.35%in FY18 to 3.87% in FY19. That’s less 4.48%!

Least improved? The ACT gets the the wooden spoon

Sadly, the Australian Capital Territory reported an increase in theft claims from 17.74% in FY18 to 23.66% in FY19. This was an increase in claims by almost six percent. This was also the highest percentage across any state or territory.

Fewest claims? Again NSW takes the top spot

Theft claims in New South Wales made up just 3.87% of all Suncorp claims, the least of any state or territory. But, theft was still the sixth most common claim type in New South Wales.

Top FY18/19 home and contents claims

Top FY17/18 home and contents claims

By making your home less vulnerable to theft and burglary, you won’t just have more peace of mind. You could also lower your Home and Contents Insurance premium.

Keep in mind, it’s a condition of a Suncorp Home and Contents Insurance policy that you take all reasonable care to prevent theft, loss, damage, or legal liability. You can read more about your responsibilities in the Home and Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

While current trends are promising, the threat of theft and burglary remains a key reason to explore home and contents insurance (or contents insurance, if you’re a renter). Make sure to look at a range of policies to find one that suits your needs and provides financial protection for your valuable possessions.

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