Making an insurance claim without receipts?

4 July 2019

While keeping receipts can be a bit of a nuisance, it's a worthwhile task in case you ever need to make an insurance claim.

But if you don't have receipts, can you still claim?

If you can prove ownership of the item you're claiming for, you'll most likely be able to. Luckily, there are multiple ways of showing ownership without receipts.

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Suncorp's Helen Young said it's important to provide sufficient proof when making a claim.

"It is always helpful to have a receipt for the original items when it comes to claiming for a contents item. But if a customer doesn't have an original receipt it doesn't mean that their claim is not going to be paid," Young said.

Check with the vendor

"We have asked customers if they are able to check with the company they purchased the items from to see if a duplicate receipt can be provided to prove they owned the item," she said.

Bank statements

"The other option for providing proof is a bank statement if they have used a visa debit/credit card to purchase the item."

Photos and other evidence

"If a customer can't provide a receipt we can ask for a close-up photo of the item, instruction manuals, or accessories of an electronic item."

Assessor's judgement

"If an assessor has attended the site and can see where a TV used to sit and now there is a bare space with just cords left, they would most likely approve this to be covered as they can see the customer owned a TV.
We do what we can to provide cover to our customer even if they can't provide something noted above. We would work on the premise that a reasonable person would have an item such as a TV and we may replace the item with a base model, so they are not left with nothing at all."

Proof of ownership

Some items such as jewellery, watches and paintings, pictures, works of art, sculptures, and art do require a minimum of proof for assessment.

Full details of the minimum proof of ownership can be found on pages 65-67 of the PDS. If we decide that you are unable to reasonably substantiate your claim, we might reduce or refuse your claim.

While there are a few ways of proving ownership without receipts, it's always a good idea to hang on to them for valuable items where possible.

These days, many retailers will offer to send an electronic copy of your receipt to your email or phone, which could come in handy!

If you have a specific item covered with Personal Valuables optional cover under your home and contents insurance, it can be easier to prove ownership when making a claim.

To make a home or contents insurance claim, make sure to have on hand your: Suncorp policy number, details about when the event occurred and what happened, details of what has been affected, and information about the make and model of any electrical items.

For many of Suncorp's insurance policies, including Car and Home, you can make a claim quickly and easily online.

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