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How to make a home insurance claim with Suncorp Insurance

17 January 2024

Lodging a home insurance claim is a bit like changing a flat tyre or hanging curtains – you may not learn how to do it until you need to. This guide can help you navigate the home insurance claims process.

Step-by-step guide to making a home insurance claim

Step 1 – Have your details handy

First things first, we will need to know your policy number and details of the event. If you’re unsure of your policy number, use our policy finder tool. If you are lodging your claim by phone and don’t have your policy number handy, we will be able to locate your policy number for you by asking you some identification questions, like your name, date of birth, etc.

Step 2 – Lodge a claim 24/7

You can lodge your claim online, by calling us on 13 25 24 or through the Suncorp App, and track the progress of your claim at any time. If we need more info, we’ll contact you within a few business days.

Step 3 – Our assessment

We’ll be in touch to arrange a time to assess the damage, and let you know what you’re covered for under your policy and any excesses that may apply.

Step 4 – Finalising the claim

We consider a claim finalised when all actions are completed: repairs done, items replaced, and payments made. We will call you to confirm there are no outstanding tasks and that you're satisfied before closing the claim.

Make a claim 

Tips for Suncorp Home Insurance claims

If possible, minimise further damage to your home and contents

If it’s safe for you and those around you, try to minimise any further damage to your home and contents. For example, if the issue is water damage from a burst pipe, try to turn off the main water supply. It’s also important to take action to prevent further loss or liability, but only when it’s safe. 

Don’t delay

Lodge your claim with us as soon as it’s practical to do so. The sooner, the better. Even if you’re uncertain of the full extent of the damage to your property or its contents, contacting us and getting the claims process underway is crucial. We can be contacted by phone 24/7 for your convenience, though claims actions by Suncorp Insurance, such as organising repairs, is limited to business hours.

Show evidence of ownership

Keep your receipts, invoices, and warranties. These documents – including electronic versions – are the easiest way to prove ownership of an item. Credit card or bank statements, original packaging, or user manuals can also be used to demonstrate ownership. Failing that, photos or videos that prove you possessed the item can support your claim and demonstrate loss or damage to the items by showing what they looked like before and after the insured event.

We recommend keeping your receipts in a secure and maintained container, like a sturdy or storage tub, away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Alternatively, you can keep them in a plastic-sleeved folder, stored in a safe spot. But before you do that, consider taking photos of your receipts and emailing them to yourself or keeping electronic copies. This may be tedious but think of this as your backup.

Know the value of your possessions

If you have certain items that are worth their weight in gold – or even made of gold – it might be worth having these particular pieces revalued every few years. Should the happen, you will have an accurate idea of their value when lodging a claim. Limits and exclusions also apply, so check the Product Disclosure Statement for details.

If you would like these valuable items covered under your policy, there is optional coverage available with Suncorp’s Contents Insurance. Certain items will have fixed limits, and others will have flexible limits depending on the type of cover you choose. You can learn more about these optional covers in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Honesty is the best policy

Provide honest and complete information for any claim, statement or document supplied to us. By providing honest and complete information, you will enable us to assess and process your claim as efficiently as possible. Fraudulent claims will be investigated and may be reported to the police.

Stay up-to-date on your premium payments

Doing this ensures that your policy won’t be cancelled when you need it most! There are many ways for you to make sure that your policy is suitable for different needs and budgets. Suncorp's Home and Contents Insurance Calculators can assist in estimating how much your home and contents will cost to rebuild, which can help inform your sum insured – which impacts your premium. The calculator is a guide only and should not be relied upon solely in your decision to purchase a policy with Suncorp Insurance.

Re-read your Product Disclosure Statement

While not necessarily a riveting page-turner, the Product Disclosure Statement is the ‘source of truth’ about what your policy will and will not cover. Knowing the extent of your coverage can help you avoid potential coverage issues during the claims process. 

Photograph it

Take plenty of photos and videos of any damage before you begin cleaning up, including both close-up and wide shots of damaged areas or items. This will help us assess the damage properly and aid with the claims process. 

Do your best to prevent it by being prepared

You could avoid the hassle and stress of an insurance claim by securing your home against theft and damage.

You could potentially thwart potential burglary attempts by implementing safety and security measures, such as visibly positioned security cameras and audible alarm systems. This, plus the assistance of a trusted friend or family member to house-sit during your extended absences – like a holiday – could provide an added layer of deterrence against break-ins.

Installing residual-current devices can help prevent electrical fires and lessen the risk of electric shock. Likewise, smoke detectors are vital for personal safety and safeguarding your home and contents.

You can also ensure you are prepared for storm season and make sure your home is resilient with help from Suncorp Insurance's Road to Resilience.

Our article, 'How home maintenance can help reduce the risk of insurance claims being denied' is also a great resource. We have heaps of helpful articles offering insights and information for those considering insuring their home and contents with Suncorp Insurance. While you’re there, why not compare our different levels of coverage and find the right one for you?

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