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How to create minimalist home interiors – Ep 3

01 August 2019

Channel Nine’s The Block judge and Suncorp ambassador Shaynna Blaze presents a series of tips and tricks that can help you save money and add value to your home.

Minimalism is as much a décor style as it is a way of life. For many people who have embraced minimalism, it has changed the way they live as well as their living spaces. If you think a minimalist look and lifestyle might be for you, you may find that it will also help you avoid a budget blowout.

Home Hacks – Episode 3

Less is more

Focus on functionality

If you’ve decided to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, start by removing knick-knacks and decorative items that you can do without. Leave out the things that are important to you, such as your favourite books, but anything that doesn’t serve a functional or sentimental purpose should be tucked away or in storage.

Minimalism is about displaying the bare minimum without giving up a homely feel.

If a lack of storage space is an issue in your home, you might want to consult a builder, architect or carpenter to advise on where you could add some shelving, built-in robes or attic space

Find a local tradie

Grouping items together

Keep the items on display tidy and in small clusters to make them appear organised. Having a few individual items scattered around the room can feel unorganised and messy.

Placing a few items together on a tray or on a shelf is a great way to get your space looking neat and orderly.

Need over want

Whether you’ve picked up some souvenirs on holidays or gone a little overboard at your favourite retailers’ end-of-year sale, you may find your home is filled with things you don’t need.

Cleaning out excess furniture can open up your room. Still, remember to be true to yourself – if you really love something, keep it. But weigh up your needs versus your wants and you might find that you don’t really need half of what you have.

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