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Six simple tips for making your garden look bigger

2 February 2021

From giving your fences a fresh lick of paint to growing up rather than out, here are a handful of simple hacks to make any garden seem larger.

Not all of us have luxuriously large backyards. But with these expert tips, you can make your small garden seem much bigger than it is.

Plan ahead

Clever planning is the most important step in making your garden look bigger, as rushed and last-minute decision-making will only leave things looking cluttered and messy. Map out (and measure twice) exactly how much space you’ve got to work with and then dedicate a certain amount of surface area for each function you’ll need your garden to serve. Use unraised pathways or ground cover to delineate between the zones — anything raised will block the line of vision and start to shrink the space.

Freshen up

A fresh lick of paint on your boundary fence and on the garden shed can make a world of difference. Light, bright and cooler-based neutrals will create the illusion of a larger yard, so resist the allure of dark, moody  shades such as navy and charcoal. If you can, match the colour to the exterior of your home (this could be the walls, roof or window trims) for a cohesive look.

Plant carefully

Do your research before choosing plant species to make sure they won’t grow to overtake the space, which is a common mistake. You should also avoid a single-line hedge as it will have a receding effect. Look to layer a variety of contrasting plant species instead; this way, you’ll create the impression of more garden.

Plant up

When you’ve got limited ground to give to the garden, grow up. Tall plants such as palms, a trellis paired with a climber and vertical wall gardens will draw the eye up, instead of to the boundary line of your yard. They’ll also help to make your space feel lush with greenery without hogging ground space.

Bring it in

It’s a common misconception that taking the lawn right to the fence line will help to make more space. In reality, this will just put the spotlight on the fence itself and make it feel imposing. Installing raised garden beds, planting easy-to-grow shrubs such as rosemary (which can also be used in the kitchen as a bonus), or even bamboo for added privacy, will all help to hide the boundary.

Furnish well

Steer clear from heavy teak outdoor furniture and instead opt for lighter and more slim-lined pieces made from materials such as powder-coated steel. The more light and air that can get around each piece, the better, as this will keep things looking open and spacious. It’s also wise to choose between outdoor dining or outdoor lounging — if you’re determined to include both, try a bar-height dining set instead of a large traditional table.

Make sure it’s covered

If you invest your time, money and energy into refreshing your garden, you’ll want to know it’s covered in case something happens.

Sunorp Home and Contents Insurance will cover damage to permanent fixtures, like garden borders and fences. And with Classic Extras and Classic Advantages policies, damage to plants will also be covered.

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