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Does my home insurance cover fire damage?

02 March 2021

House fires are a fear of any property owner and renter — and for many Aussies, the potential for bushfires and the resulting damage is an unfortunate reality. That’s why it’s important to get the right level of home and contents insurance.

What’s covered by Suncorp Home & Contents Insurance?

Suncorp Home & Contents Insurance can help to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your home, including permanent fixtures, as well as the stuff inside it. 

Say an electrical fault causes a fire and there’s damage to your kitchen, including to your cookware and fridge. You can probably claim the repair and rebuilding costs of the kitchen itself, as well as the cost of replacing the damaged items, up to your sums insured — the maximum amounts we pay out for a home or contents claim. 

If you don’t know your sum insured amounts, you can find them on your certificate of insurance, or online. 

Depending on what happened, you could also be covered for:

  • temporary work to make your home safe again 
  • debris removal
  • temporary accommodation costs if your home cannot be lived in, and
  • storage for contents that aren’t secure at your home after the fire.

Limits for each feature can depend on your sums insured and your policy type, so make sure to check the PDS for the specifics

Am I covered for a fire started at my neighbour’s property?

If your home and contents catch on fire, yes. If the fire does not spread to your property, you could still be covered for heat, ash, soot and smoke damage from the neighbour’s fire if it’s within 100m of your property.

What isn’t covered by Suncorp Home & Contents Insurance?

Some situations where Suncorp Home & Contents Insurance doesn’t cover fire damage are:

  • damage from arcing, scorching and cigarette burns,
  • pollution caused by a home heater or kitchen appliance, and
  • damage from heat, ash, soot and smoke when your home hasn’t caught on fire, unless it’s caused by a fire at a neighbouring property.

Make sure you’re properly insured

Having the right amount of cover can help you avoid the heartbreak of being underinsured. If you’ve done any recent renovations or bought big ticket items like a new TV, your home and contents may cost more to repair or replace than they would have a couple of years ago. That’s why you should regularly review your sums insured to make sure they reflect your needs if your home or contents were destroyed.

Our Home & Contents Calculator can help give you an estimate if you don’t know where to start. You could also consider enlisting a professional to help value your home, like an architect or builder, so you can get the most accurate picture.

Safeguard yourself from underinsurance

Even if your home sum insured is up to date, there’s no guarantee you won’t be out of pocket in the event of major damage. Included with Suncorp Insurance Classic Extras and Classic Advantages cover, safety net home protection can give you a financial buffer when the cost to repair your home is greater than your home sum insured. Depending on your level of cover, you could be covered for up to a further 25-30% of your home sum insured to rebuild your home. This can help give you peace of mind knowing you’re less likely to be out-of-pocket if the worst were to happen.


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