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Does home insurance cover tree damage? 

13 October 2023

If a tree (or its branches) falls on your property, your home insurance may cover some or all of the resulting damage. The specifics of what’s covered, though, depend on your level of coverage and the event that caused the damage.

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If a tree falls and causes damage

In a storm or weather event

You’ll be covered if your home or contents are damaged – for example, if a tree or its branches, falls in a storm and smashes your roof.

What’s covered? It depends on your policy. Suncorp Contents Insurance will repair or replace your contents. Suncorp Building Insurance will cover your home, garages, sheds, and other fixed structures. We’ll even provide temporary accommodation if your home cannot be lived in after the insured event.

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If a fallen tree has damaged your property, contact us immediately.

As a random occurrence

If a tree falls as part of an independent event, unrelated to bad weather, you’re still covered, by both Suncorp Building and Contents Insurance.

Falling trees, branches and similar disasters are classified as ‘’impact,’’ which is an insured event. So, rest assured, you’ll be covered if you couldn’t have reasonably predicted the fall.

For more information, please refer to your PDS.


Does home insurance cover tree root damage?

Yes, we cover damage caused by the roots of a fallen tree. However, we don’t cover root damage from a standing tree.

What if tree roots damage your drains or pipes?

If tree roots cause your pipes or drains to leak, the pipes themselves are not covered. However, you may be covered for any resultant water damage to your home and property under ‘escape of liquid’. Some exclusions apply, so please refer to your PDS.


Does home insurance cover tree or debris removal?

We generally only cover removal of debris if your home or property has been damaged in an insured event. In these cases, we’ll cover the reasonable costs of disposing damaged contents or parts of the home – debris included.

However, if the fallen tree hasn’t caused any damage to your property, we won’t cover the costs to have this removed. 

What about tree stumps?

We don’t cover the removal of tree stumps or roots still in the ground.


Is the tree itself covered?

You might be wondering if home insurance will replace the trees on your property.

Our Classic Extras and Classic Advantages Cover include some coverage for trees and plants after an insured event, like a storm. Limits apply – up to $1000 for Classic Extras policies and up to $2000 for Classic Advantages policies. Please refer to your PDS for more info.


What if your tree falls on a neighbour’s property?

If your tree falls on a neighbour’s property, they may want you to pay for the damage it causes.

However, in most cases, your neighbour will need to make a claim on their own insurance.


How to make a claim

Claiming is quick and easy – and you can do it 24/7!

Here’s some of the things you need:

  • your Suncorp policy number,
  • details of what happened,
  • relevant dates, and
  • details of the damage.

Make a claim

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