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Insuring your beloved belongings away from home

Do you know what you’re covered for when it comes to your most precious items, such as jewellery, your engagement ring, or even your mobile phone?

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Your flood recovery guide

Flooding can be dangerous and damaging. Being prepared, and knowing what to do afterwards, can help make your recovery as simple as possible.

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Does home insurance cover water damage?

Water damage is fairly common. Roughly 17% of Suncorp home insurance claims are related to it. Find out what you can do to mitigate your risk of a leak at home.

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Your guide to personal valuables insurance

Personal valuables insurance covers the things you might leave the house with.

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Six simple tips for making your garden look bigger

Not all of us have a luxuriously big backyard. But these six hacks will help make your humble garden look far more spacious.

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The most common causes of water damage — and how to avoid them

Water damage makes up roughly 17% of all Suncorp Home Insurance claims. Here are some common causes, how to prevent them, and why insurance can help.

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