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How to renovate with the right people involved

So you want to renovate your property… but where do you start? Here are the key people you should know for a successful renovation. – Read more

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How renovating can boost your home’s worth

Home renovations can be time-consuming, but also worth it – if you do it right. Read more to learn about how you can potentially boost your home’s worth through a renovation.

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4 tips to cutting down costs on your renovation project

Don’t start your renovation before you check out our 5 tips for cutting down costs. Read more.

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Bicycle insurance - what’s covered if your bike is stolen or damaged?

If your bike gets stolen or damaged, do you have to fork out the repair bill or cost of buying a new one? Or can bicycle insurance make sure you’re covered? – Read more

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How to protect your home from wild weather

Australians – and especially Queenslanders – can experience some severe weather at times. Explore the ways that you can prepare and protect your home - Find out more.

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The most common Home Insurance claims around Australia

Find out where the most common Home Insurance claims occur to help you evaluate your needs

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