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Maintaining your home

Find out the best ways to protect your home and its contents from damage or unwanted guests. Home insurance is just one way to give you peace of mind. Explore more now.

Living room ideas for a connected home

Smart home automation has never been more accessible. We have some ideas on what it can do for you, and how you can find the right solution for your home.

5 home improvements to create your dream bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so give yourself permission to beautify it. Here are some expert tips from HiPages to guide you through the renovation process.

Bathroom renovation tips

A bathroom renovation is no easy feat! Before you dive in, check out these tips to help you plan a smooth and sparkly bathroom renovation. Read more

10 tips to protect your home and contents

They say "your home is your castle", which is why it's so important to protect it along with the treasures inside. Discover 10 tips for keeping your home and contents safe. - Read more

What I learned from renovating my house

Renovating a house can be tough work, but as Justine Teggelove learned firsthand, it can also be very rewarding. Here she shares her renovation success story - Read more

Renovation costs: advice from a builder

Professional builder Kel Harvey from Axcis Build shares his tips on ways to keep your renovation costs down. - Read more

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