Buying a Home

Buying a home is a big deal with many things to consider, like organising insurance and knowing what’s covered. Explore a range of articles and helpful tips to help guide you through the process.

Four mistakes to avoid when building a new house

It can be easy to make mistakes when building a home. We spoke to an expert property builder to learn four ways you can better approach a new house build.

Property co-ownership: The pros and cons

Considering buying a property with friends or family? Find out how property co-ownership works and the potential pros and cons.

Your guide to home loan comparison rates

If you’re confused about home loan comparison rates (or why you should care about them), this guide should help.

Home loan cashback: What is a redraw facility?

A redraw facility, or Home Loan Cashback as we call it here at Suncorp Bank, can be a smart way to help you pay off your loan quicker, and obtain financial security.

What happens if I make extra home loan repayments?

If you’re looking for ways to pay off your mortgage sooner, making extra home loan repayments, on top of your minimum payments, could work for you.

Offset vs redraw: What’s the difference?

Looking for smarter ways to pay your loan quicker? An offset account or redraw facility could be the answer. Learn if either could work for you.

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