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What Is Loan Serviceability? | Suncorp Bank

You might have a deposit for a new home but are you able to service a home loan? Find out what loan serviceability is and how banks calculate it.

Understanding affordability

It's more difficult to buy a first home than ever, so you should give up, right? Well, maybe not. Find out how you can possibly enjoy your current lifestyle and save for a home. - Read more

Choosing a home loan lender – which is right for you?

How do you know which home loan lender is right for you? Learn how talking to a home loan expert can help you make more informed decisions.

Questions to ask a mortgage lender

Starting the journey of finding a home loan can be daunting. Use this checklist to help you ask the right questions when choosing a mortgage lender.

What is gazumping and how can you avoid it?

Gazumping is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem as competition for properties becomes piping hot. Learn what it is and how you can avoid it as a buyer.

9 Ways to make moving house easier

Buying a house is incredibly exciting. Moving into said house? Less so… Make it less painful with these 10 tips. - Find out more But first, you need to get through moving day.

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