Buying a Home

Buying a home is a big deal with many things to consider, like organising insurance and knowing what’s covered. Explore a range of articles and helpful tips to help guide you through the process.

Understanding Home Loan Terms | Suncorp Bank

Does the length of your home loan term affect how much interest you pay on a loan? Find out what your options are when selecting a home loan term.

Joint Home Loans - Buying A Home With Your Partner | Suncorp

Considering buying a house with your partner? Learn more about joint home loans in our expert-led guide.

What is gazumping and how can you avoid it?

Gazumping is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem as competition for properties becomes piping hot. Learn what it is and how you can avoid it as a buyer.

Making An Offer On A Property Pre Auction | Suncorp Bank

Rather than go to auction, you might want to consider making an offer on a house beforehand. Learn more about pre-auction offers in our expert-led guide.

Your credit score and mortgage applications | Suncorp

Improving your credit score could make it easier to get a home loan. Learn some steps you could take to potentially drive your score up.

What Is Loan To Value Ratio? | Suncorp Bank

Loan to value ratio is a key calculation when applying for a home loan. We break down what you need to know about LVRs, including how they work and how they can affect your borrowing power.

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