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Can I add windscreen cover to my insurance?

13 August 2019

It’s amazing how often and unexpectedly windscreens get damaged. All it can take is a stone flicking up from the road or a downpour of hailstones for cracks to suddenly appear.

Luckily, Comprehensive Car Insurance can include extras like windscreen and window glass protection, which can be a handy addition to your policy.


You won’t pay for any out-of-pocket costs

Windscreen damage can be frustrating, but paying for the repair bill doesn’t have to be. Windscreen cover usually includes the total cost to repair or replace your windscreen or window glass (including your sun roof). Not having to pay that extra cost can make a world of difference when arranging a repair.


Discover Suncorp Comprehensive Car Insurance

Getting your windscreen repaired is easier with cover

Windscreens can be expensive to replace. The cost can depend on the make and model of your car and whether there’s in-built technology like rain and light sensors.

You’ll be taking the pressure off when claiming because it’s easy and stress-free.

Suncorp appoints the repairer when you claim for broken glass on your insurance policy. Coverage is always limited to what it costs Suncorp to repair or replace your windscreen. If you want to obtain a quote from your own repairer, Suncorp will review your independent quote and then obtain a price from its vendors to determine whether the quoted price is fair and reasonable.  

Windscreen cover puts safety first

When you’re in a couple of tonnes of metal hurtling down the road, a damaged windscreen can make it easy to misjudge what’s ahead of you, even for a split second.

Cracks in your windscreen can also affect the safety of your car in an accident. While modern windscreens are designed to protect you, any existing damage can compromise the effectiveness of your windshield in a collision or rollover accident.  

Comprehensive cover that you can rely upon

Get car insurance that’ll cover all your bases. Suncorp offers three levels of Comprehensive Car Insurance to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Extras gives you the option to add windscreen and window glass cover to your policy.  

Comprehensive Advantages, our highest level of cover, automatically includes windscreen and window glass cover. It also includes extras such as hire car after an accident and lifetime new for old car replacement. 

A lifetime guarantee on your windscreen’s materials and workmanship

With Suncorp windscreen and window cover, you can get a warranty on the windshield repair or glass in your car. This covers any defects, damages, or other issues that arise from the installation or manufacture of the glass itself.

Most warranties won’t cover inflicted damage such as breakage or vandalism. The warranty can’t be transferred from person to person, so it might not be valid when you onsell or buy your car.

There you have it! Before you head out on a road trip be sure to check out Suncorp’s Comprehensive Car Insurance  to see whether you’re covered for windscreen and window glass damage.

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