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A guide for seniors to buying car insurance 

03 November 2023

When calculating your car insurance premium, your driving experience, age and lifestyle all play a part. Senior drivers with good driving experience can often access lower premiums than younger, less experienced drivers. Because after all, if you’ve been a safe driver for many years, that should be rewarded.

Choosing the right car insurance

While you may already be familiar with the different types of car insurance cover, a quick refresher is always a good idea. It’s important to know about the different levels of cover available and how each might suit your current situation.

For example, Suncorp Third Party Car Insurance is a basic level of cover that covers liability for loss or damage your car causes to another person’s vehicle or property. It doesn’t cover damage that occurs to your vehicle, however.

On the other hand, Suncorp Comprehensive Car Insurance option, covers not only damage to the other involved driver’s car, but also as any damage to your vehicle. Optional covers can be purchased and added to your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, such as Road Side Assist, hire care, windscreen and window glass cover, so it’s important to explore all the options to ensure you’re getting the best cover for your needs.

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Benefits for seniors buying car insurance

Alongside considering the most suitable car insurance for your needs, seniors and pensioners may have lower premiums.

Lower premiums

As you age – provided you’re a safe and experienced driver – you may be able to enjoy lower costs for your car insurance. And why not? It’s only fair that you’re rewarded for doing the right thing.

Numerous factors are used to determine how much your car insurance premium will be. A couple that might affect you as a senior driver can include:

Your age and the age of any drivers listed on your insurance policy

Generally speaking, if you have a driver under the age of 25 on your policy, it can significantly impact how much you pay for your premiums.

How much you drive

Perhaps you used to drive to work every day but now work less or have retired completely. If you’re spending less time on the road your premium may be lowered. For that reason, it's important to let us know if your average kilometres changes.

Where you park your car

Keeping your car stored away in a secured, locked garage usually reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, flood or storm damage – which may be reflected in your premium amount.

Suncorp’s Claims Free Driver Rewards

Being covered in case something happens on the road is one thing, but what if you don’t make a claim? That’s what Suncorp's Claims Free Driver Rewards are for! Each year you continuously insure your car comprehensively with Suncorp without making an excess payable claim we’ll reward you, at renewal, with a discount on your premium.

Tips for seniors on getting the best premium on car insurance

There are plenty of ways you can save on your car insurance. As mentioned, if you’ve been driving for years and have managed to keep a stellar driving record, you could benefit from Suncorp's Claims Free Driver Rewards.

Apart from a good driving record, there are other ways to help keep your car insurance premium affordable, as noted above. Ensure you compare different types of car insurance cover and consider your individual needs before deciding; a little research can go a long way. Regularly checking the details listed on your policy is also important to ensure your coverage meets your insurance needs and the premium is calculated correctly. Compare Suncorp Car Insurance quotes today.

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