Enlist a tradie to help get you storm season ready

Tackling your storm season to-do list can give you the confidence you need to feel safe and secure at home. That can include securing doors, fixing the roof, clearing gutters and downpipes, cutting back trees, and more.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with hipages — an online service directory that connects you to local tradies. hipages can help you find the right tradie to get your home ready for storm season.

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How to book a HiPages tradie

HiPages helps take the hassle out of booking a tradie.

Number 1

Select the type of tradie you need
from the list below

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Fill in the form on the HiPages
booking page and describe the job

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Request a quote online — up to 3 certified local
tradies will contact you

Select a tradie

Hipages has got you covered with a range of professional home maintenance services.


A handyperson can help protect the interior of your home by securing doors, windows and awnings. They can also help cover your windows with plywood for extra peace of mind.

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A roof in good nick can be more likely to withstand pressure from high winds. A roofer can make sure everything is order, including fixing damaged or loose tiles and raised corners of corrugated sheets.

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Gutter cleaner

A professional gutter clean can help prevent the build-up of leaves, debris and other storm-related material, which can cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

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Removing blockages in your downpipes and drains can help prevent leaks and plumbing nightmares, especially during storm season where water flows quickly.

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Cutting back trees in time for storm season can help to prevent power outages, growth onto your power lines and harmful collapses on your property.

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Learn about maintaining a home

From storm damage to unwanted pests, explore some of the best ways to protect your home

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