The steps to selling your car: Trading in

29 August 2018

When it comes time to sell your car, depending whether you want value for your vehicle, or value for your time, you’ll need to decide whether to trade in your vehicle or sell it by a private sale.

If you’re wanting to purchase a new car as well as sell your current car, trading in your car might be the best option, as the dealership may be able to offer you a discount. Be prepared though that dealerships will need to offer you less for your current vehicle than you could expect to sell it for at a private sale as the dealership will need to onsell your car at a profit to them.

Weigh up the pros and cons of trading in versus private sale, and if you decide your time is worth more than money, trading in might be the best option for you.

Trading in your car

Trading in pro: A quick and simple choice for time-poor people.

Trading in con: Usually results in a lower selling price.


Step 1. Get organised

If your car service book has not been updated or or you don’t have one, visit your mechanic who should have the car’s history on record.

Step 2. Clean and polish

Getting your car detailed can help give a great first impression and increase the car’s value.

Step 3. Deliberate

Based on your research of the market, make sure you’re comfortable with the final offer.

Step 4. Negotiate

Compare dealer offers. Don’t be fixated on your trade price, it’s the changeover amount that is most important.

Step 5. Paperwork

Make sure you complete the required insurance and registration changes.

Step 6. Say goodbye

Hold back the tears as you hand over the keys and say goodbye.

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