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Do dash cams affect your car insurance?

9 February 2023

Dash cams can be pretty useful. If something happens to your car, like a collision or attempted theft, your footage can provide solid proof of what happened. This can make claiming easier and less stressful.

What are dash cams?

Dash cams – short for dashboard cameras – are small video recording devices that are either built-in or fitted to your car as an aftermarket accessory. Most turn on and off alongside your car’s ignition, but some may need to be manually activated. They can usually be installed at the front, the rear, or both ends of a vehicle so that they have a good view of surrounding traffic.

A dash cam normally records footage on a loop, and has enough storage to give peace of mind that an incident has been captured. 

When installing your own dash cam, you should ensure it doesn’t impact your view of the road ahead of or behind you. Each State and Territory has specific and sometimes differing legal requirements when it comes to placement, so check these prior to installation.

Can dash cams make car insurance cheaper?

Since we don’t consider that dash cams reduce the risk of an incident occurring, they aren’t a factor in determining your policy premium.

Suncorp Comprehensive Car Insurance can cover a range of insured events, including accidental loss or damage to your car from impacts, floods, collision, and more. For a full rundown on what’s covered and what’s not, take a look at the PDS.

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How dash cams can help your insurance claim

If you need to make a claim, dash cam footage can help you establish exactly what happened and who was at fault. This could help you avoid paying the excess, and keep the incident from affecting any Claims Free Driver Rewards you may otherwise be eligible for.

Keep in mind that if you’re involved in an incident that needs to be resolved in court, dash cam footage is only admissible as evidence if it was recorded in a public space – which includes roads!

How to submit your dash cam footage

If you’re a Suncorp Insurance customer, you can provide dash cam footage with your claim. Submit it via the following:

  • Upload your footage to YouTube privately. You can then email the private link to your claim once it is lodged by emailing and including your claim number in the subject line.

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