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Does car insurance cover trailers or towed caravans?

06 April 2022

Suncorp Comprehensive Car Insurance covers towed trailers and caravans for third party property damage. This means that while they’re being towed by the insured vehicle, you can be covered for the amount you are legally liable to pay another person for loss or damage to their vehicle or property.

If you want full coverage for loss or damage to your trailer or caravan, you may want to consider a separate caravan insurance policy.

Our caravan insurance covers both trailers and caravans – whether they’re stationary or towed. We offer two levels of cover, on-site only, as well as Australia-wide on road coverage, so you can choose a plan that fits your lifestyle.

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Is Caravan and Trailer Insurance necessary?

Caravans may be especially vulnerable to damage. Not only do they endure long hours on the road (sometimes in high-risk areas), they typically sustain more damage and can be costly to tow. Some caravan parks may pose potential flood risks too, if they’re near creeks and rivers.

Then there’s the issue of legal liability – you may want to be prepared in the case of an accident involving your caravan or trailer.

What can Caravan Insurance cover?

Suncorp Caravan Insurance covers you for weather events, for example storm, hail, flood and fire. We also cover loss, theft or accidental damage to your caravan.

Does our coverage include fitted accessories? Yes! We cover mods, accessories – like bike racks– fittings and more, as long as they’re shown on your certificate of insurance

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What about my legal liability when towing my caravan?

Yes – we’ll cover your legal liability up to 20 million if your towed caravan causes injury to other people or their property.  

Just make sure the vehicle towing it is roadworthy, and the caravan being towed hasn’t been damaged previously.

What if my caravan isn’t livable after an incident

If you’re holidaying away from home in your caravan and disaster strikes, we can ease some of that stress by:

  • towing your caravan to a repairer and
  • arranging temporary accommodation for you and your companions, provided your caravan is unlivable.

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Are your belongings covered?

Yes, generally – in the case of caravans, but not trailers or horse floats.

Your belongings include clothes, personal items, sporting equipment, personal tech and computers, and more.

However, your belongings will only be covered in certain circumstances, such as when they’re securely locked in or to your caravan or annexe. We’ll also cover items locked in your garden shed on the site of the caravan.

Your belongings can be covered for up to $1000, unless you choose to increase this limit by adding on contents optional cover, which will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

For more info on what’s covered and what isn’t, check out the PDS.

What caravans can’t be insured?

All insurance products will differ so it’s important to check the Product Disclosure Statement when deciding to buy insurance. Suncorp insures personal use caravans, trailers and horse floats – so anything for business use won’t be covered.

Motorhomes aren’t covered under Suncorp Caravan Insurance. However, we do offer separate Motorhome Insurance. Check out our policies here.



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