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Are fences covered by home insurance?

28 November 2022

Suncorp Home Insurance provides cover for loss of or damage to fences caused by insured events*. In fact, permanent structures and fittings like fences, walls, gates and retaining walls, if they’re located within the boundaries of your insured property, can be covered.

When is fence damage covered by Suncorp Home Insurance? 

Fences are covered under Suncorp Home Insurance^ if they’re lost or damaged in an insured event, such as:

  • flood
  • lightning 
  • storm
  • fire (including bushfire)
  • earthquake and tsunami
  • theft or burglary
  • escape of liquid
  • impact, and
  • malicious acts and vandalism.

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When isn’t fence damage covered by Suncorp Home Insurance? 

Fences – like all other parts of the home – aren’t covered if they weren’t in good condition or in an obvious state of disrepair before the loss or damage you’re claiming for occurred. We also don’t cover wear, tear or deterioration, and some losses where home extensions, alterations or renovations aren’t complete. Refer to the PDS for more details. 

Common ways fences get damaged

Fences can be damaged in a variety of ways. Some common examples are:

  • stormy weather, including hail or wind
  • fire on your or your neighbour's property
  • impact damage from a tree or car
  • vandalism, and
  • wood rot, termite damage, rust and long-term wear and tear (all of which are not covered by home insurance).

What should I do before making an insurance claim for my fence? 

The first step before making a home insurance claim is to make sure everyone is safe. In an emergency always call 000. If you need temporary fencing installed or emergency repairs done to make you and your household safe, let us know when you make your claim and we can organise a professional to come out ASAP. 

Next up, take pictures or videos of the damage to upload with your claim.  

Then, it’s time to claim. Quickly and easily make a claim online or in the Suncorp Insurance App – anywhere, anytime. 

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Can I get my fence repaired or replaced under my home insurance?

Suncorp Home Insurance tends to reflect shared ownership and provides coverage up to an amount equal to what you own – that is, if you share a fence 50/50 with a neighbour, you would be covered for half of what it would cost to fix it. 

If the fence isn’t shared with anyone – perhaps the section of fencing you’re claiming for borders a public park – you’re considered to own the entire fence, and we may agree to repair or replace it (subject to the policy terms). 

Whose responsibility is it to manage the replacement of the boundary fence with the neighbours?

Once a boundary fence claim is settled, it’s your responsibility as the property owner to negotiate and manage the replacement of the boundary fence with your neighbour or neighbours.

Does my local council need to be involved?

Your local council generally doesn’t need to be involved. However, in some cases you may require a building approval – check with your local council! They could also be a handy contact if you need help mediating boundary fencing disputes, and can provide you with fencing codes and guidelines.

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*The most we will pay for fencing for any one incident is up to 2 kilometres and not more than the home sum insured shown on your certificate of insurance.

^We do not insure you for bushfire, storm, storm surge, flood or tsunami in the first 72 hours of your policy. Very limited exceptions apply. Refer to the PDS for details.

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