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Life Insurance

What are the leading causes of death in Australia?

28 May 2018

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Australia truly is a lucky country, and in more ways than one. We continually rank in the top 7 world-wide for life expectancy at birth, for both males and females.

For most Australians our life expectancy continues to improve, and has done so steadily over the last century. An average male can expect to live for roughly 80.4 years, compared to 47.2 years in the late 1800s. For women the average life expectancy is 84.5 years, compared with 50.8 years in the late 1800s.

Leading causes of death

Over the past few centuries, we’ve seen a significant change to how Australians are living and dying. Heart disease and stroke have been among the leading causes of death in Australia since records began, but with advances in medicine and lifestyle changes, thankfully both causes have seen a significant decrease in mortality rate. However, dementia – now one of Australia’s top 3 causes of death – has an increasing rate of mortality. And, based on its steady increase, could become Australia’s future leading cause of death.

Causes of death women vs. men

It’s interesting to note that the leading causes of death differ slightly between men and women. If we look at the top ten causes of death for women, breast cancer is number six, while prostate cancer features as number six for men.

Ensure your loved ones are covered

Some superannuation funds offer life insurance for their members, so you may have some form of existing cover through your super without even knowing it. Despite this, most of us probably don’t have enough life insurance cover. It can be all too easy to see more value in short-term insurance options, such as car or home insurance, than in long-term insurance, such as life insurance or income protection.

But the tough question is: how would you help protect your family’s future if something were to happen to you? It’s a subject few of us like to broach, but it’s an important one, particularly when thinking about the financial wellbeing of our loved ones. They’re likely to be left with more than just large expenses like mortgage repayments if something happens. Consider how they’ll cope with essential everyday expenses like groceries, bills and school fees.

Having adequate life insurance may provide a level of cover for your loved ones, to help them maintain their lifestyle and keep up with expenses without you.

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