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How much does a funeral cost in Australia?

22 February 2023

According to MoneySmart, the average funeral in Australia costs between $4,000 and $15,000. Of course, this depends on where you are located and the type of funeral you are arranging. For example, a basic cremation in New South Wales costs an average of $4,000, while a burial plot in Brisbane is closer to $5,000.

Even at the lower end of the cost scale, it’s a significant amount of money for a family to have readily available.

To help ensure your family is able to cover the cost of your funeral, it’s worthwhile understanding the cost of a funeral and how that compares to the cost of funeral insurance.

What are common funeral expenses?

The cost of a funeral will largely depend on what services and features you and your family wish to include as part of the ceremony. According to Finder, typical costs might include:

Service Provided Estimated Cost
Funeral director: to organise the ceremony and source suppliers if required, such as florists and music. $3,000
Transport: this may include cars to take family members to and from the services and the cost of the hearse. $1,000
Coffin or urn: the cost of the coffin will depend on the type you choose. It will generally range from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. Urns are usually less expensive than coffins.Coffin or urn: the cost of the coffin will depend on the type you choose. It will generally range from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. Urns are usually less expensive than coffins. $800 - $8,000
Clergy fee: whether it’s someone religious or a neutral celebrant to conduct the service, some hosts will expect a small donation while others will require a fee. There will also be a fee for the use of a crematorium, hall or religious building. $300- $2,000
Burial site: whether it’s a simple plot, a mausoleum or a burial vault, all burial sites may incur fees. There also may be an ongoing maintenance fee. Dependent on site and location
Other expenses depend on personal preference and may include flowers, programs, newspaper notices, death certificates, and the cost of a wake or function following the ceremony. At your discretion

How to Save on Funeral Costs

There are certain fundamental costs associated with a funeral. It is difficult to avoid these, since they typically relate to a burial plot, crematorium fees and basic funeral services from a provider. After this base level, the cost of a funeral can vary greatly depending on the type of ceremony you are looking to organise. There are a few key things you can try to ensure the financial impact of organising a funeral is kept to a minimum:

  1. Talk about what your loved ones want. It may feel awkward, but discussing plans in advance means you can be sure what kind of ceremony will be needed, and whether there is an existing budget.
  2. Make savings where you can. It’s natural to want to give your loved one the best possible send off, but there are small changes you can make (like the number of cars, type of coffin or catering arrangements) that will ensure the celebration of life remains within your means.
  3. Consider funeral insurance. Funeral insurance can provide immediate financial support to make sure you are not saddled with the bill when it comes to finalising arrangements.

Importance & Benefits of Funeral Insurance

When considering how you would cover the cost of your funeral, it’s a good idea to compare estimated funeral costs against the cost you may outlay for funeral insurance. Many people question whether they need funeral insurance at all, as the premiums may be more than the expected cost of their funeral.

However, funeral insurance doesn’t necessarily need to go towards the funeral itself. Funeral insurance can also help pay for the travel expenses of a loved one attending your service or help cover any outstanding debts your family may be left with.

Even if your preference is for a simple service, funeral expenses can add up and it may be an expense that your family may struggle to afford. Providing a lump sum payment of between $3,000 and $15,000, funeral insurance may be a worthwhile option to help your family cover costs once you’re gone.

Before making any financial decisions it’s always important to do your research. Speak to your chosen provider about how your premiums will be calculated and then do the maths to determine whether you would be paying more in premiums than the estimated cost of your funeral.

Everyone wants to be farewelled properly. But it’s also important that your family is left to grieve in the way they wish, rather than worrying about how they will cover funeral-related expenses. Remember, your funeral is your family’s chance to say a proper goodbye. By taking out funeral insurance, you can help your family to focus on what they need to - their emotional wellbeing - rather than being weighed down by financial concerns.

If you’re ready to take out funeral insurance cover, give Suncorp Life a call on 13 11 55 or get a quick quote online.

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