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Insuring an SUV: Your handy guide

22 May 2020

There’s more to consider when buying an SUV than just which colour to choose (although, that’s pretty important). One of the items on your to-do is getting your new vehicle insured. But, given their mass and their potential to cause damage, many people worry about the insurance costs associated with SUVs.

That shouldn’t stop you getting that SUV; if you truly fall in love with a car and it works with your needs and budget, that can be more important than saving a few dollars on an insurance premium. But you’ll still want to get the right policy without spending more than you need to.

What’s the cheapest SUV to insure?

Because there many factors that inform insurance premiums – from who’s doing the driving to how often your car is on the road – it’s tough to say which SUVs are the cheapest to insure. But there are several features you can look for in insurance policies to ensure you get the right deal for you.

If you want to keep your insurance premium under control, there are things you can keep in mind when you head to the caryard:

  • Engine size: Smaller engines tend to be cheaper to insure, so consider how important that extra bit of horsepower is to you.
  • Fuel economy: Not only is buying a car that guzzles less petrol better for the environment and your back pocket, some insurers reward this environmental savviness with decreased premiums.
  • ANCAP Star Ratings: A car that’s deemed safer to drive can attract a lower premium. Who would have thought?
  • Manufacturer: Although it’s easier these days to get parts from overseas than it used to be, it’s often cheaper (and easier) to choose a car made in Australia. If an insurer knows your car is going to be easier to repair without having to ship in expensive parts, they may reflect that in the premium.   

Choosing insurance for your SUV

Price aside, choosing insurance for your new SUV can be a tricky decision. You’ll want a policy with the features you need to keep you on the road and minimise headaches if the unexpected occurs.

Roadside assistance

Planning on taking your shiny new set of wheels off-road? Better make sure you have backup on hand, just in case. Roadside assistance can mean the difference between being stranded, and, well, not being stranded.

Suncorp Insurance allows you to add Roadside Assist to our three levels of Comprehensive Car Insurance. You’ll get unlimited service call outs around Australia, 24/7 help, free emergency fuel delivery (up to $10 worth), and heaps more.

Discover Roadside Assist

Car seats and personal property

SUVs are popular for families, and having cover for your car seat or baby capsule if it’s stolen or damaged is crucial.

The same goes for personal property. If, for example, your mobile phone or work tools were damaged in an accident, the last thing you want to do is fork out extra dough for replacements.

You can cover things like this with Suncorp’s Comprehensive Car Insurance, and Fire, Theft & Third Property Damage Insurance. What’s included will depend on the level of insurance you choose, so think about your needs and budget.

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Lifetime new for old car replacement

After going through the effort of buying a new SUV, having it get stolen or written off in an accident would be heartbreaking. That’s where the guarantee of a new replacement vehicle can be handy.

Suncorp’s lifetime new for old car replacement is an optional extra that you can purchase with our Comprehensive Car Insurance (option only available on Comprehensive Advantages level of cover). It means that if your car is stolen, or damaged in an incident after which we deem it a total loss, we’ll replace it with a brand new car of the same make and model (or similar make and model if the same isn’t available). Otherwise, we’ll pay you the reasonable replacement cost of a similar make or model to your car, or the amount covered, whichever is higher.

The best thing is, it doesn’t matter how old your car is. As long as you’re the first registered owner and your car has been continuously insured under Suncorp Comprehensive Advantages cover from within 13 months of purchase until the time of total loss.

Learn about Comprehensive Car Insurance

By making smart decisions when buying your SUV – like not going for the most torqued up, custom-fit beast – it’s likely you’ll save on your insurance premium. These savings can then go towards getting the best insurance policy possible. Even if you have to pay a little extra for certain levels of cover, it may be worth it to know you’ll be covered down the track.

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