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What to know about insuring your 4WD accessories  

15 October 2021

Thinking of hitting the road with accessories like a car snorkel or 4WD awning in tow? Luckily, with Suncorp Comprehensive Car Insurance, your 4WD accessories are often covered as long as they are additions to your car which don’t enhance the performance or change the structure of the car. There are just a few things to know that can help you make sure cover is provided for your accessories.

What is an accessory?

For our purposes, an accessory is an addition to your car which doesn’t enhance the performance or change the structure of the car. FYI, when we say ‘enhance the performance’, we mean in terms of its engine capacity. A car snorkel, for example, enhances your ability to stay safe off-road, so it counts as an accessory.

If you’re unsure whether something counts, speak to us and we’ll help sort it out.

4WD Insurance vs Car Insurance 

You don’t have to take out separate 4WD insurance. Depending on your budget and what you want to do with your 4WD, one of our car insurance options can offer you peace of mind when you head off-road.

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How to include your 4WD accessories on your car insurance policy

If you’ve added accessories, such as a dual battery system, car snorkel or even a new stereo to your 4WD, you should ensure the amount you’ll be paid in the event of a successful claim is enough to repair or replace your car — including those accessories. With Suncorp Comprehensive car insurance, that amount is determined by which option you choose - either ‘Market value’ or ‘Amount covered’.

What is 'market value'?

We offer to cover your car for its market value with a new car insurance policy. Choosing this means that there is no dollar figure assigned to your car when you buy or renew the policy — rather, the amount paid out will be determined at the time of a successful claim, based on the current market value at the time of the incident. We calculate this by looking at things like your 4WD’s age, make, model, kilometres travelled and its general condition.

What is 'amount covered?'

The 'amount covered' is the maximum amount we will pay for loss or damage to your 4WD caused by an incident, unless we say otherwise in your policy. It includes the value of any accessories and modifications that are fitted to your 4WD, and paint protection. Please refer to the PDS for the full definition of 'amount covered'.

When you take out car insurance with us, we’ll ask you some questions to help you identify the ‘amount covered’, if you choose this option. You can then consider the figure we provide and change it if, for example, you think you’ll need a higher amount to replace your 4WD accessories as well as the vehicle itself.

You can get in touch with us to change your amount covered, though doing so may change your premium.

Choosing between market value and amount covered may depend on your budget. Market value may save on your premium, however if you have a variety of 4WD accessories and you believe their value may not be represented when determining the market value of your car at claim time, you might opt for amount covered.

What you’re not covered for when driving a 4WD

Motor sports

Suncorp car insurance doesn’t cover damage incurred during any motor sports, like racing your 4WD competitively or test driving it on 4WD tracks.

Mechanical faults

Say you burn out your clutch when trying to get your 4WD out from being bogged — that’s a type of mechanical fault we don’t cover. This is the same as insuring any regular car, as repairs made to faults such as old gear boxes or tired brakes aren’t covered by insurance.

Reckless driving

While a car snorkel may help you get across a water system, deciding to take your vehicle into such a situation may be classified as reckless driving. If your 4WD and accessories were damaged as a result, they wouldn’t be covered.


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