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VIDEO: Car washing 101

10 April 2018

Your car is one of the biggest financial purchases you make in your lifetime, so it makes sense to look after it. In this video, we learn from the experts how to use the right car care products to keep your car looking it’s best and how to keep that new car feeling alive.

Car care - extending the new car feeling

Whether you’re a car washing novice, or a car fanatic, we’ve covered all the steps.

  • Choosing the right equipment. Don’t let the wrong products ruin your paintwork!
  • Wheel washing. Making sure you know how to look after the dirtiest part of your car.
  • Pre-wash & Wash. While it may seem like doubling up, that pre-wash is an essential step to a great finish.
  • Drying and protection. After taking the time to wash your car, it’s important to make the effort last with some final steps.
  • Windows and tyres. A few final touches and your car is looking it's very best.

Car washing equipment you’ll need

Car washing

  • 3 x buckets – 1 for washing, 1 for rinsing and 1 for the wheels
  • Long and short handled brushes for wheels and wheel-guard cleaning
  • Quality microfiber washing mits
  • Quality microfiber drying and buffing towels
  • Small portable air-blower (re-chargeable battery type)
  • Electric pressure-washer unit
  • Garden hose (with cut-off tap) for rinsing

Cleaning and detailing car products

  • Wheel cleaner spray (loosens dirt and brake dust) 
  • Pre-wash soap
  • Quality car wash liquid detergent (non-alkaline)
  • Bug and insect remover spray
  • Protective detailing spray
  • Glass cleaner spray 
  • Tyre dressing spray and sponge applicator

Your Car Washing Equipment Checklist

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