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Maintaining a home

How to save electricity while working from home

21 January 2021

With many more of us working from home in 2020 and beyond, we’ve suddenly got a lot more appliances switched on for longer.

So, it might be helpful to think of ways you can save on your electricity. Tips to help turn your place into the most competitive home on the street

Regulate the temperature

Have you got the air conditioner pumping, but you’re in winter clothes? Bumping up the temperature on the air con, even just a degree or two, will save electricity.

Use only the lights you need

Do you ever walk through the house and find every light turned on, even though you’ve barely left your study? Get into the habit of turning off lights when leaving a room­­­­. The savings will add up!

Open blinds or curtains and make the most of natural lighting. If glare’s an issue, could you change the position of your desk? Or consider an anti-glare screen protector (they can help keep prying eyes off your screen if you’re working in public, too!).

Alternatively, on scorching hot days, keeping your blinds down might help take the pressure off your air conditioner.

Use only the appliances or devices you need

Is your TV on mute in the background? Is your air con running upstairs even though your home office is downstairs? Do you have two computer monitors running, but only ever look at your laptop?

Try walking through your house a few times a day and make sure unnecessary appliances aren’t running up your electricity bill. It’s a good excuse to stretch your legs and give your eyes a break. 

Use energy efficient light bulbs and devices

There’s plenty of energy efficient light bulbs and device alternatives on the market. Search online or shop around and see where you could be making greener choices.

Switch to solar

While the initial costs are expensive, you can end up saving money on your energy bills. Plus, you’re helping the planet!

Try a different location

If you buy a coffee or a meal most days anyway, could you sit at your café for an hour if they have wifi. Of course, make sure you have the right anti-virus, malware, and privacy protections before using public wifi. That’s five hours a week you can give your appliances a break. And it could be a nice change of scenery to help spark your workflow.

Get cover for your home and contents

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