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Does Home Insurance cover damage by animals?

28 February 2023

An unwelcome animal that gets somewhere it’s not supposed to be can cause a lot of damage. Whether or not that damage is covered by a Suncorp Home Insurance policy depends on the animal, the circumstances, and the specific policy.

Suncorp Home and Contents Insurance provides cover for loss or damage caused by some animals that become accidentally trapped inside the home – but not insects, vermin or rodents.

Do Home Insurance policies include damage caused by pets?

Damage that is caused by pets is not covered by a Suncorp Home Insurance policy. That includes damage by any animals that are:

  • owned by you or that you are responsible for
  • owned by someone living or staying with you, or
  • allowed onto the property by you or anyone staying with you.

What about wild animal damage?

For damage by wild animals, we’ve got you covered. Our policy covers loss or damage caused by a wild animal if it is accidentally trapped in your home. For example, if a bird flies in and becomes trapped or a joey hops its way into your kitchen and makes a ruckus trying to get out again.

Keep in mind that if you entice or invite a wild animal into your home, we won’t cover any damage that occurs – we only provide cover for accidental incidents where an animal becomes trapped.

Help! I have an infestation!

Suncorp Insurance, like many other insurers, doesn’t cover damage caused by insects, vermin or rodents.

That includes things like a termite infestation eating away at timber, mice chewing through wiring or wear and tear damage from something like rodents scuttling in a roof – but we will cover damage they cause if it’s covered under ‘Fire, including bushfire’ or ‘Escape of liquid’. Check the PDS for details.

When it comes to these sorts of pests, prevention is the best cure. Inspect the areas these creatures like to make into their home, and if you spot signs of an unwelcome guest, contact a professional to deal with them!

Where Suncorp Home Insurance can help

Sometimes unexpected things happen. Suncorp Home Insurance can help with the repair or replacement of items impacted by insured events. It covers those times when an uninvited animal finds its way into your home and causes some unexpected damage after becoming trapped – and it also covers many other insured events.

You can learn about some surprising things covered by Suncorp Home Insurance, or check out the Product Disclosure Statement to decide if it’s right for you.

We have a handy Visual Guide to Home Insurance that goes over what’s covered, what’s not, and what’s optional, including damage by an animal. Take a look! It’s also important to always refer to the PDS for further information

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