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Does your home insurance cover water damage?

Whether it's a leaking sink or a water damaged tile in your bathroom you'll want to find a pumber, fast.

Unfortunately it's common for people to realise they’re not covered only after something unexpected happens. So it's good to explore what you are and aren’t covered for when it comes to water damage in your home before it’s too late.

How frequently do water damage claims happen?

Roughly 17 per cent of all new Suncorp claims are related to water damage. That’s a staggering amount! So, you’re probably wondering what goes wrong? A lot of things. It could be a burst flexi hose under the kitchen sink, or a slow-leaking pipe concealed within the walls of your home.

Tips for checking your home plumbing

There’s a few preventative measures you can take to help protect your home from water damage.

Check your home for plumbing leaks

This won’t take long and can save you a big headache down the track. Whether you’re in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet – take a few minutes to check the tap fittings and pipes at the base, and inspect any walls, floors and ceilings for signs of water damage. If you find any fault, speak to a licenced plumber about what to do next.

Find a plumber

Inspect your home's flexi hose

Flexi hoses come installed in many Australian homes. They’re the plumbing connection from the water main to major household items like sinks and toliets. And if not correctly installed or maintained, flexi hoses have a knack for leaking, or worse, bursting, which can leave your bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas flooded.

Check for wear and tear. If you think they need replacing, it’s worth getting a licenced plumber to install them. This is more likely to safeguard your home against unexpected water damage, and give you peace of mind when you’re not home.

Turn off the water mains when you’re going away

A leak can easily happen when you’re away. That’s why turning off your mains water supply can help prevent any water damage. You’ll need to locate your shutoff value, which could be right beside the water meter, or places such as the basement or garage.

Don't let a burst pipe leave you with a damage bill that's bigger than Ben Hur. With Suncorp Home Insurance, our cover can get you back on track in no time. Get a quote today.

What does home insurance cover?

Suncorp Home and Contents Insurance can cover you in case of unexpected liquid leaks, overflows or bursts from a range of plumbing appliances, fittings and fixtures.

Here's a look at the levels of insurance cover for your home.

Home & Contents Insurance

If your home is your castle, then Home and Contents Insurance is your best line of defense against any mishaps and intrusions. With Suncorp Insurance, you can choose from three levels of Home and Contents Insurance, starting from regular cover through to our top cover.

Explore Suncorp Home Insurance

Home Building Insurance

Your home is more than just its interior walls. Home Building Insurance provides cover for not just the actual building that you live in, but also permanent fixtures like fences and garages – as well as fixed swimming pools and spas. You’re also covered for loss or damage to water tanks, gas fittings and electrical fixtures.

Contents Only Insurance

Contents Only Insurance covers a range of insured events, including water damage to contents in your home. This could be your furniture, carpets, computers and more. If you make a claim after an insured event and we accept it, we’ll repair or replace your contents, or offer you the amount it would cost us to repair or replace them. You may even be eligible for new for old replacement.

What kinds of water damage are you covered for?  

Suncorp Home Insurance can cover loss or damage caused by leaking, overflowing or bursting water from:

  • appliances including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines
  • drains, fixed pipes, guttering and rainwater downpipes, drainage and sewage systems
  • fixed tanks, swimming pools or spas, and waterbeds
  • baths, sinks, toilets and basins
  • fixed heating or cooling systems
  • water mains, fire hydrants or water supply pipes, and
  • aquariums (for the marine life enthusiasts!).

It can cover gas appliances permanently plumbed to a gas supply, too.  

However, there are some exceptions. If there’s a leaking shower floor or base in your bathroom, or your swimming pools or underground tanks have water leaking from them, you may not be covered.

It’s best to check your policy document to see what's covered and what isn't covered.  

How to lodge a water damage insurance claim with Suncorp Insurance

Lodging a claim with Suncorp is easy. All you need is:

  • your policy number
  • details about when the event occurred and what happened
  • any photos or documents related to the claim, and
  • if you’ve got any electrical items, details about the make and model.

Use the Suncorp App

You can use the Suncorp App on both Apple and Andriod devices. It lets you directly upload photos of the damage on your phone and include the event’s details. It also allows you to track your claim from start to finish.

Lodge the claim online

It only takes 10 minutes to lodge a claim online and you can upload photos and documents, which helps us progress your claim quickly.

During your claims assessment, a claims assessor may contact you to arrange a time and day to visit your home and inspect the damages, and provide a detailed report with photos with the outcome for review.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our knowledabele insurance specialists today on 13 22 44.

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