How to Access Telehealth Services From Home

4 September 2020

With us all spending more time at home whether that is because you’re working or isolating at home, telehealth consultations via phone or video are a great way for members to access certain healthcare services.

Who can access telehealth services?

If you have taken out an Suncorp Health Insurance Extras policy you may be able to claim on a telehealth consultation in the same way you would for an individual face-to-face visit. As with other Extras services, to be able to make a claim the service needs to be covered under your chosen level of cover, you must have served relevant waiting periods and have remaining limits.

Depending on your situation, your provider may feel it is best to see you in person, so please check with them to see if this is something they're able to do.

Access to these services have been extended through to March 31, 2021.

Which services are available by telehealth?

Depending on the level of cover, waiting periods and limits, members with Suncorp Health Insurance Extras Cover, can claim on telehealth consultations for the following services:

  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietetics
  • Speech pathology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Exercise physiology
  • Podiatry

Additional services, where it’s clinically appropriate, may be added as they become available.

For members with Suncorp Hospital cover, your rehabilitation and mental health care may also be available through telehealth appointments, chat with an Suncorp Health Insurance consultant for more information.

Please note that only individual telehealth consultations are covered, groups and classes are currently not funded for telehealth.

How do I find a telehealth provider?

If you’re already seeing a provider for one of the above listed services, check with them first to see if they’re offering telehealth services.

If you're after a new provider offering their services via telehealth, chat with an Suncorp Health Insurance consultant and they can help you find one.

How do I claim for my telehealth appointment?

Before booking your appointment, you should check with your provider how they accept payments for telehealth consultations.

If your provider offers on-the-spot claiming for telehealth appointments, you’ll just need to provide them with information from your Suncorp Health Insurance card.

If you need to pay the full cost upfront make sure your provider sends you through a detailed receipt, ideally by email. To make a claim, you can then upload your receipt by logging in to Suncorp Health Online Services.

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