Team Girls

In 2017, we launched Team Girls with Netball Australia in response to a startling statistic: nearly 50% of all girls stop playing sport by 17. You see, we know that sport builds confidence. And the more confident girls are now, the more successful they can be later in life.

Sport is a chance to show another side of yourself, learn to be part of a team, increase your confidence, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

At Suncorp, we know every girl’s endgame is different. And we’re here for all of them.

#TeamGirls in 10 podcasts

From body image to the importance of sleep, #TeamGirls in 10 is a short podcast series presented by Bec Sparrow addressing a range of topics influencing young girls. - Read more

Laura Geitz shares her #TeamGirls story

Laura Geitz: Queensland Firebird, Samsung Diamond, Suncorp Ambassador, mother and #TeamGirl. Hear her #TeamGirls story about how the smallest gesture can have a big impact. - Watch the video here

The pressures girls are facing today

Girls have more opportunities than ever, which also means more pressure. Hear from a group of young girls about the challenges they're facing and why they need the support of each other. - Watch the video here

Rebecca Sparrow welcomes #TeamGirls

#TeamGirls isn't a slogan. It's a movement. It's girls having each other's backs. It's standing as a team on and off the court. #TeamGirls is knowing that together, we are stronger. - Find out more

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