Team Girls

In 2017, we launched Team Girls with Netball Australia in response to a startling statistic: nearly 50% of all girls stop playing sport by 17. You see, we know that sport builds confidence. And the more confident girls are now, the more successful they can be later in life.

Sport is a chance to show another side of yourself, learn to be part of a team, increase your confidence, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

At Suncorp, we know every girl’s endgame is different. And we’re here for all of them.

The truth about teenage girls and sport

Suncorp’s Youth and Confidence Report reveals that nearly half of teenage girls are dropping out of sport between the ages of 15 and 17.

What does a good friendship look like?

Little wonder so many of our girls are lying in bed anxious and stressing about school on a Sunday night. Friendship dramas ranging from exclusion to cyber-bullying to mean girl antics are intensely painful. Read more.

Why I want my daughter to play a team sport

High school can be a lonely time for teenage girls. Playing sport opened me up to new friendships and gave me a sense of belonging. And I want that for my own daughter. Read more.

Suncorp Australian Youth & Confidence Research

Did you know that 3 out of 4 girls get their confidence from the support of friends and family? Learn even more fascinating findings from our research into the confidence of young Australians. - Find out more

Team Girls toolkit

The ultimate guide for parents to teach your tweens and teens about the benefits of playing sport, and navigate the conversations when they want to quit.

7 technology rules for your household

Our phones and devices tend to rob us of time with the people we love. Setup boundaries in your house with these tips from Team Girls ambassador, Bec Sparrow. - Read more

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