Team Girls

In 2017, we launched Team Girls with Netball Australia in response to a startling statistic: nearly 50% of all girls stop playing sport by 17. You see, we know that sport builds confidence. And the more confident girls are now, the more successful they can be later in life.

Sport is a chance to show another side of yourself, learn to be part of a team, increase your confidence, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

At Suncorp, we know every girl’s endgame is different. And we’re here for all of them.

My Support Team: Sharelle McMahon

In ‘My Support Team’, join former Australian Diamonds captain Sharelle McMahon as she reflects on the role of parents supporting their children’s sporting journeys.

My Support Team: Maddy Proud

In ‘My Support Team’, join NSW Swifts co-captain, Maddy Proud and her father,Tony as they reminisce over her story so far, and the sacrifices made to support her.

How to talk about body image with your daughter

Raising a teenager is no easy feat. Bec Sparrow shares advice on how to talk to your teen about body image and turn it into an opportunity for connection.

“We lost AGAIN!” – navigating the ups and downs of competitive sport

It’s easy to love sport when you’re winning but losing, that’s a little harder. Bec Sparrow provides us with tips on how to navigate winning and losing with your child.

In Their Corner: A Guide For Parents Coaching Young Athletes

This resource is designed to introduce you to Sport Australia’s Physical Literacy Framework and help you get the ball rolling with ideas around how you could use it in your coaching.

Suncorp Team Girls and Social Media

When your daughter is the only one without social media…

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