6 books to add to your daughter's bookshelf

03 August 2017

Rebecca Sparrow

Rebecca Sparrow is Suncorp’s #TeamGirls ambassador and a best-selling author, columnist, podcast host and passionate advocate for teenage girls. Rebecca regularly visits high schools to present to students, and has developed a range of resources to help girls navigate their way through their formative years.

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Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo

This is a brilliant collection of tales about 100 of the world’s most extraordinary, courageous and innovative women. Told in a fairytale format, these one-page stories will introduce your daughter (and son!) to the achievements of women like Florence Nightingale, Serena Williams, Frida Kahlo and more. Suitable for girls aged 6 and up.

Just Between Us by Meredith Jacobs and Sofie Jacobs

Remember when you desperately wanted to tell your mum what was bothering you but you couldn’t bear to do it face to face? That’s where this ingenious journal steps in. Just Between Us is a wonderful and clever way for mothers and daughters to share stories and stay connected by encouraging each party to write messages in the diary for the other to read. The key is that the diary is left on the recipient’s bedside table, which is a sign that there is something to be discussed. Be warned it is American (so you’ll see mom instead of mum) but the concept is terrific.

Girls Think Of Everything: stories of ingenious inventions by women by Catherine Thimmesh and Melissa Sweet

Don’t let anyone ever tell your daughter that women haven’t made any significant contributions to the world! From liquid paper to windscreen wipers to chocolate-chip cookies this book is a great reminder that women’s ingenious inventions have stood the test of time.

Amazing Babes by Eliza Sarlos

This is a beautiful hardcover picture book that again introduces your daughter (and son!) to some of history’s most strong, powerful and world-changing women from Maya Angelou to Miles Franklin to Gloria Steinem.

I Am Malala: the girl who stood up for education and changed the world by Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick

Malala was just 10 years old when the Taliban took over her region of Pakistan. Before long music was banned and girls were no longer allowed to go to school. This is the story of how Malala defended her right to get an education and the events which unfolded when she was shot at point blank range on the bus on her way home from school. This is an inspiring story, which educates our girls about the fight for equal rights for women and girls around the world. Depending on the age of your daughter, you may prefer the young readers’ edition of this book.

Strong Is the New Pretty by Kate T Parker

This book is a beautiful visual reminder that there is no one right way to be a girl, that it’s not about your size or shape or ethnicity, whether you are rich or poor, able-bodied or physically challenged. Kate T Parker showcases images of girls being girls – loud and quiet, pensive and wild, active and still, being silly, strong, stubborn and loving. Another wonderful book to challenge the stereotypes our daughter’s are fed on how a girl is meant to look and behave.

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