What to do if you're in a not-at-fault accident that’s caused by someone else

It can happen to the most experienced drivers. Whether you're bumped from behind (Australia's most common type of accident), hit by someone running a red light or been forced off the road into a fence, it's important that you know what to do after an accident you didn't cause – both at the scene and afterwards.

Make sure everyone's OK

If safe to do so, check on your passengers and anyone else who may have been involved in the accident. If there are any serious injuries, immediately call 000. Make sure the environment is safe for yourself and other cars, moving your car if necessary and possible.

Swap details

Once you're all safe, you can talk to the other driver and exchange details. It's important to record as much information as possible and get the facts straight. You'll need to gather the at-fault driver's insurance details. If the driver doesn't have insurance:

  • ask them for their licence details, and if possible, get a witness account as further evidence; or
  • if they don't want to swap details, note their vehicle's registration and contact the police to follow the driver up.

Accurately record all information from the incident: Take photos of all vehicles and the crash site, tagging photos with GPS location if possible. Also note down the date, time and place.

Recording the correct information is essential. Not only will that data be needed by your insurer, it can be used as evidence for the police or courts, if necessary.

Get your vehicle back out on the road

In order to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road, you'll need to find out whether the other driver:

  • has car insurance,
  • wants to sort out the damage out of their own pocket, and/or
  • would like to claim through their insurance.

Once you've discussed this with the other driver, you'll know what next steps you need to take.

Work out the damage between yourselves

If you agree to sort out the damage between yourselves, you'll need to obtain quotes from a mechanic or repair shop, and then send that information to the driver.

You'll still need to report the incident with your insurer. You can discuss with them whether handling the matter privately or making a claim is the best option.

Make a claim

If you decide against sorting the matter out between you and the other driver, you can make a claim with your insurer. The insurer is able to handle the paperwork and can also contact the other driver on your behalf.

If the driver does have motor vehicle insurance, the driver will organise through their insurer, who will then most likely contact you and request information to move forward with the claim.

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How to lodge a claim with Suncorp Insurance

Lodging a claim with Suncorp is easy. To lodge a claim, all you need is:

  • your policy number
  • details about when the event occurred and what happened, and
  • the details of the other people involved.

Use the Suncorp Insurance App

The Suncorp Insurance App for both Apple and Android devices allows you to directly upload photos of the accident from your phone and include the accident details. You can then follow the easy step-by-step checklist to include all necessary information.

Lodge the claim online

A similar checklist is setup via the Suncorp Website, where you can transfer photos from your phone and then move forward with lodging the claim.

Give us a call

Call one of our friendly claims representatives on 13 25 24, 24/7. Our representative will be able to guide you through lodging your claim.

In any event, Suncorp Insurance will be able to help you get through an accident and get your car back on the road.

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