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VIDEO How to change a flat tyre 101

5 June 2018

How to change a flat tyre is one of those life lessons that will probably only come in handy a few times, but when the time comes, it really pays to know how.

Auto Service Technician Robert Richardson teaches how to change a tyre quickly and safely without having to call for help. Check out the video for the step-by-step process and how you can get yourself back on the road in no time.

Changing a flat tyre

No matter where you are or how it happens, knowing the steps to changing a spare tyre can get you out of a bind.

  • Ensuring vehicle safety: Change your tyre well away from any passing traffic and make sure the car is on level ground. If you are driving a manual car, have the handbrake on and the car in gear. If you are driving an automatic, again, have the handbrake on and in Park.
  • Preparing for wheel change: Get the equipment you will need out of your boot ready to change the tyre.
  • Jacking and wheel removal: Loosen the wheel’s nuts, and using your car owner's manual, follow the instructions for the right use of the jack.
  • Fitting the spare wheel: Make sure the nuts are on firmly before lowering the jack. Once the wheel has touched the ground and the jack is out, firmly tighten the nuts again.

Handy tools to help you change a tyre

  • Mini air compressor
  • Set of work gloves
  • Ground sheet
  • Reflective hazard warning device

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