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#TeamGirls isn't a slogan. It's a movement. It's a way of existing in the world. It's having each other's backs. It's authenticity and loyalty. It's girls standing united as a team on and off the court. On and off the field. In and out of the classroom. Online and offline. #TeamGirls is knowing that together, we are stronger. You better believe it. Be a #TeamGirl!"

Rebecca Sparrow, author and #TeamGirls ambassador

Together with Netball Australia and ReachOut and a range of industry experts and ambassadors, Suncorp launched #TeamGirls to promote and foster girls’ confidence through sports participation. Our Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report revealed that the key to building confidence in young Australian girls is having supportive family and friends and participating in sport; however as they get older, they are playing less and less.

With the support of our partners and ambassadors, we created Suncorp #TeamGirls, a program encouraging girls to participate in sports and build confidence together, peer-to-peer, girls supporting girls, just like on a netball court. To achieve this, we need the support of their parents and families to help nurture our girls to become confident women. 

Start playing. Keep playing.

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