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Existing Merchant Customers

Help and support with your merchant device

Looking for assistance?

EFTPOS & Integrated POS Terminals

24 hour, 7 day technical support is available from the EFTPOS Terminal Support helpdesk on 1800 836 055

Virtual POS Facilities

Technical support is available 8:30am-5:00pm (AEST) Monday-Friday (excluding QLD public holidays)  on 1800 054 990

Merchant Account Queries

Support for merchant account queries is available by calling 13 11 55, 8am–5:30pm (AEST), Monday to Friday

Order more stationery for your EFTPOS terminal

Steps to order rolls through your terminal

If you are using an Ingenico Move 2500, Move 5000, ict250 or iwl255

  • Press MENU from the home screen
  • Type in 4 for Terminal
  • Type in 3 for Others
  • Type in 4 for Stationery order
  • Select the number of rolls you will need and press ENTER (there are three options 10,20 & 30)
  • The terminal will confirm that the order has been sent.

If you are using a Verifone VX520 or VX680 terminal

  • Press Func from the Home screen (Mobile VX680) or Press the button under Func (Countertop VX520).
  • Type in 86, press Enter.
  • Type in the Number of Rolls required in multiples of 10 and press Enter.
  • The terminal will print a receipt confirming your order has been placed. Please note: A maximum of 30 paper rolls can be ordered per day.

Or Order online

  • Fill out & submit the Merchants Stationery Order Form
  • Please note: Manual voucher stationery ordering is only available via our website.
  • Both methods give you instant confirmation that your order has been received, and your stationery will be delivered in three to five business days.

Operating instructions

These guides tell you all about your merchant terminal – how to transact, conduct settlements and troubleshoot errors.

Virtual POS Guides

For MiGS Integration

For MPGS Integration


A chargeback is when a cardholder disputes a card transaction that’s been processed through your merchant facility. If the dispute is settled in favour of the customer, the original transaction amount will be ‘charged back’ to your merchant settlement account. That means your business bears the cost.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Customer disputes: e.g. the customer claims that goods and services were faulty or not received;
  • Processing errors: e.g. Duplicate or invalid transactions;
  • Authorisation errors: e.g. accepted payments without proper authorisation from the card holder
  • Fraud: e.g. An unauthorised transaction has occurred on the card number.

Learn more about Chargebacks.


Receiving payments from customers’ cards is convenient, but can also open your business up to the risk of fraud. There are simple things that you can do to help protect your business from potential fraud.

Learn more about Card Fraud

Learn more about Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS)


If you apply a surcharge when a cardholder pays using a Credit or EFTPOS card, you are not allowed to charge an amount higher than your average cost of accepting that card type.  Under the RBA standard, we are required to provide you with your average cost of acceptance each month on your statement.  At the end of each financial year, Suncorp is also required to provide you with an annual average cost of acceptance.  From the 1st of September 2017 – the ACCC have the authority to enforce penalties on any merchant that is surcharging excessively. 

Learn more about Surcharges

EFTPOS Terminal upgrade

Exciting news for Suncorp Merchant’s with the following EFTPOS terminal models:

  • VX520
  • VX680
  • VX820

You will be receiving a phone call from our technical support provider – Bambora Services Pty Ltd  ACN 080 803 425 to set up an appointment at a time suitable to you to upgrade your existing EFTPOS terminal to one of our new models.

How do I determine if I have one of the above EFTPOS terminal models?

The EFTPOS terminal model is displayed above the screen on the EFTPOS terminal.

What are the costs?

There is no cost for anything relating to the installation of the new terminal, however we do wish to note that fees are subject to change at any time and we will notify you in writing if these fees change.

When will I receive my new terminal?

Over the coming months, you’ll be receiving a call from Bambora, to set up a time that best suits you for your EFTPOS terminal to be installed.

Will I experience any downtime?

The upgrade is merely a switch of EFTPOS terminals, which won’t take very long and won’t affect your settlement total for the day. Your total at the end of the day will reflect all transactions from both terminals as a combined amount to be settled to your bank account. You will also receive training on the new terminal.

Will it require any setup?

On the day of installation, you simply need to ensure that a person authorised to change the Merchant password is present. A Quick Reference Guide will be provided to you with your new EFTPOS terminal. Please take the time to read this Guide in order to understand the changes and functions further.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

If you experience any technical difficulties with your new EFTPOS terminals, please contact our Technical Support Team on 1800 836 055. If you notice any discrepancies to your settlement totals, or have any further questions please contact our Merchant Services team on 13 11 55.

Download our EFTPOS Merchant Facility Terms and Conditions.

Download our VPOS Merchant Facility Terms and Conditions.

Merchant Facilities are provided by Suncorp-Metway Ltd (“Suncorp Bank”) ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL No 229882 Australian Credit Licence number 229882. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply and are available on request.