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Money Habits

Let's talk about money: from good money habits to money saving hacks, explore articles on how to budget and set yourself up for financial freedom.

How to improve your credit score

A good credit score can unlock doors. Learn how to improve your score and get the keys to your new home sooner.

How to survive financially after job loss

No matter the circumstances, losing your job can lead to uncertainty in your professional and personal life. Find out how we can help you with financial hardship support.

Successfully refinancing your home loan

With interest rates in Australia at historic lows, refinancing your existing home loan could help you to pay it off more quickly. Here are our tips for why it can make sense, and how to do it successfully.

How to manage a home loan and a young family

Young family with rising expenses and home loan repayments? Here’s some must-see tips to help manage your home loan and unlock a better financial future!

How to save more money—align your spending with your values

You might know your core life values, but when was the last time you thought about your financial ones? Learn how to save money by identifying your money values and sticking to them.

How to avoid spending regret: tame your inner ape

We’re all guilty of blowing our budgets sometimes. But did you know there’s a psychological reason for overspending? Read on to learn how to stop temptation in its tracks.

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