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5 benefits of double glazed windows

15 July 2022

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to making a home more sustainable. Something that often gets overlooked are the humble windows and doors. These fixtures can rank low on the list of priorities, but they’re a vital element of a home’s design. They introduce natural light and airflow and have an impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Many homeowners opt for more affordable standard single-glazed windows and doors to capture these natural elements.

You may want to consider the advantages of upgrading your windows or doors to double glazed, or investing in window coverings or other treatments to make them more efficient. Making the right choice here may increase the value of your home, reduce the cost of utility bills, and make your home more ecofriendly.

The potential benefits of installing double glazed windows

Lower energy bills

Keeping cool in summer and warm in winter is getting more difficult with higher energy bills

The good news is that installing double-glazed windows and doors is  an effective way to make a home more energy efficient. That could mean lower energy bills since you’ll making better use of energy inside the home.

Better insulation for your home in winter and summer

Your home’s energy efficiency may depend a lot on the type of windows and glass doors you have. The heat you lose in winter and a lot of the heat you gain in summer happens through windows and doors. Double-glazed windows can help alleviate the problem of insulation and make your home more energy efficient.

Less noise coming in from outside your home

There’s nothing worse than having your Sunday sleep-in cut short thanks to your neighbour’s penchant for early morning leaf-blowing!

Thankfully, double glazing can reduce noise from voices, pets, cars, planes, trains, and other sources.

Double-glazed products absorb more sound energy than standard single-glazed products due to the gap between the glass panes. Adding acoustic glass increases the effectiveness of double glazing too.

Increased security for your home in the event of theft or intrusion

Aside from keeping you warm, double glazing can also help keep you and your family safe. Vulnerable points of entry into a home are single-glazed windows and doors, and poor locking systems. Single glass panes, along with timber or aluminium windows and doors can be easily broken into.

Double glazing may offer much greater obstacle to a potential thief or intruder for the simple reason they are harder to smash.

Other ways to improve your windows

If you’re not ready to install new windows then there may be other ways to make your home more energy efficient. For example, you can use things like reflective film or window coverings to stop solar heat from entering your home.

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