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Explore articles on comparing bank accounts, credit cards and personal loans. And find out how to make your money work for you.

Is it time to open a joint account?

Opening a joint account is a big move in any relationship. Considering this information may help you to manage your joint accounts - Read more.

What is compound interest (and why should I care)?

You may have heard about compound interest, and even nodded knowingly pretending to understand it – but what actually is it? We’ve got the lowdown. – Read more

Introducing Fast Payments: The Speedy Way To Transfer Money!

These days, most people don’t use cash, which means the need to transfer money comes up a lot. Considering it can often take a few days, it’s not always the most convenient option – that is, until Fast Payments came onto the scene. – Read more

Surprising ways you can use the Suncorp App

Have you heard about the Suncorp App? Whether you have or haven’t, you might be surprised to learn of the some of the ways you can use it to make your life easier. – Find out more

5 tips for changing careers

Thinking about changing careers, but have no idea where to start? These tips might help. - Find out more

Thrifty ways to save on a student budget

Saving can be tough, especially when you’re a student. Find out how you can be thrifty and save, even on a tight budget. – Read more

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