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Suncorp Secured App Terms and Conditions and Licence Agreement

Effective 10 September 2018

1. Introduction

Suncorp Secured App is a Security Token application that generates Security Token Codes that may be required to authenticate a transaction request or non-financial action (such as a password change) in Suncorp Internet Banking. Together with the Suncorp Internet Banking Terms and Conditions, Suncorp App Terms and Conditions, Suncorp Bank App Terms and Conditions and your Account Terms & Conditions, these Suncorp Secured App Terms and Conditions and Licence Agreement (“Terms and Conditions”) form a legal contract between you and us, Suncorp Group Ltd (“Suncorp”) in relation to your use of Suncorp Secured.

In order to use Suncorp Secured, you must accept these Terms and Conditions. It is therefore important that you read and understand these Terms and Conditions. Where inconsistent, these Terms and Conditions will override the Suncorp Internet Banking Terms and Conditions . Capitalised terms that are undefined in these Terms and Conditions take their meaning from the Suncorp Internet Banking Terms and Conditions.

2. Eligibility

In order to register for Suncorp Secured, you will need to;

  1. be registered for the Suncorp App or Suncorp Internet Banking; and
  2. to have an eligible mobile device.

Suncorp Secured can only be used on one mobile device. A user can only have on token active at any time.

3. Fees and Charges

Using Suncorp Secured will not incur any additional fees charged by Suncorp.

You may incur charges from your internet and/or mobile service provider for downloading and using Suncorp Secured and for using Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. Any such charges are your sole responsibility and any matter regarding these charges should be raised with your mobile service provider.

4. Mobile Device not present

If you do not have your mobile device with you to generate a Security Token Code, you can contact our call centre on 13 11 55 for an emergency token.

5. Deregistering from Suncorp Secured or changing your mobile device

If you wish to deregister from Suncorp Secured, you must do so through Internet Banking by following the complete process. Removing Suncorp Secured from your mobile device will not deregister Suncorp Secured from Internet Banking. In this instance, Suncorp Internet Banking may still request a Security Token Code and you may not be able to complete Transactions.

If you do not complete the de-registration process in Internet Banking and you are requested to enter a Security Token Code, you are able to call Suncorp on 13 11 55 (or from overseas on +61 7 3362 1712) to request assistance. Suncorp will not be liable for any delay or failure to process your Transaction as a result of you not completing the de-registration process.

If you change your mobile device and wish to continue using Suncorp Secured, you must follow the “Change Device” process in Internet Banking. To complete this process, you will need to have access to Suncorp Secured on your old mobile device, and download Suncorp Secured onto your new mobile device.

6. Joint Account Holders

Joint account holders must separately register for Suncorp Secured using;

  • their own Suncorp App or Internet Banking credentials; and
  • a separate mobile device.

7. Business Account Holders

Business account holders must ensure that any person they authorise to operate the account complete separate registrations for Suncorp Secured using:

  • their own Suncorp App or Internet Banking credentials; and
  • separate mobile devices.

Business account holders must also ensure those authorised to operate the account are given a copy of the Suncorp Internet Banking Terms and Conditions, to ensure they are aware of their obligations when using Suncorp Secured.

8. Your Obligations

In addition to your obligations in the Suncorp Internet Banking Terms & Conditions, you agree you will:

  • Not leave your mobile device unattended and left logged into Suncorp Secured.
  • Lock your mobile device or take other steps necessary to prevent unauthorised use of Suncorp Secured.
  • Notify Suncorp immediately if your mobile device is lost or stolen, or if your mobile device service is suddenly disconnected without your permission.
  • Not use Suncorp Secured for any purpose other than to respond to an authentication request for Suncorp Internet Banking or Mobile Banking transactions.
  • Not act fraudulently or maliciously in relation to the Suncorp Secured application or software. As examples, you will not copy, modify, adversely effect, reverse engineer, hack into or insert malicious code into the Suncorp Secured application or software.
  • Only install authorised and authentic applications on your mobile device, and that you will not override the software lockdown on your mobile device (for example ‘obtaining root access’ on an Android device and ‘jailbreaking’ on an Apple device).

9. Liability and Indemnity

The Suncorp Internet Banking Terms and Conditions  set out the liability of you and Suncorp when using Suncorp Secured.

It is your choice to register (or deregister) for Suncorp Secured. Suncorp accepts no liability for any loss or consequences to you whatsoever that result from this decision, including in the event Suncorp refuses or fails to process a Transaction requiring a Security Token Code or delays in doing so.

Without limiting the above:

  • Suncorp will not be responsible for any inability and/or failure of your mobile device to access or use Suncorp Secured, or for any loss or damage to your Mobile Device resulting from your access or use, or attempted access or use, of Suncorp Secured (including downloading any associated applications for Suncorp Secured), and you should satisfy yourself as to these matters before attempting to access or use Suncorp Secured.
  • Suncorp will not be liable for any loss arising from your use of Suncorp Secured, including loss arising from any security breach, if you have acted fraudulently (either alone or together with any other person), if you have installed applications on your Mobile Device other than those available from the Apple App Store, Google Play or other location permitted by Suncorp, or if you have caused or contributed to that loss, for example, by failing to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions, Internet Banking Terms and Conditions, or the Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions.

You acknowledge that any unauthorised reproduction by you of any proprietary information provided or available via Suncorp Secured or any portion of it may result in legal action being taken.

When you initiate a call through Suncorp Secured on your mobile device, you will exit the application and the call will be made using your chosen mobile device’s dialler. Suncorp will not be liable in any way if your dialler redirects you to a fraudulent or incorrect number.

10. Help Desk

For assistance in your use of Suncorp Secured please call Suncorp on 13 11 55 (or from overseas on +61 7 3362 1712). This service will be available 24 hours, 365 days a year. This service is provided on the condition that neither we nor our employees will be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by you, resulting from your use of the service.

This service will not be responsible for providing advice specific to your mobile device, including data connections, cellular charges to your mobile device accounts.

11. Suspension or Termination of use and service quality

Suncorp may suspend or terminate your use of Suncorp Secured at any time. The provision and subsequent use of Suncorp Secured is subject to the reliability and availability of third party service providers including software providers and network service providers. Suncorp will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by you, as a result of a reduced level of service caused by any third party.

12. Changes to Suncorp Secured Terms and Conditions

Suncorp can change the Suncorp Secured Terms and Conditions at any time. However, in respect of the following changes only, Suncorp will give you 30 days prior notice of any changes which:

  • Impose or increase charges relating solely to the use of Suncorp Secured; or
  • Increase your liability for losses relating to transactions conducted using Suncorp Secured.

Suncorp will notify you of the above changes by written or electronic notice to you (including via your mobile device), or any other method as allowed by applicable laws.