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Safe Banking Tips

You play an important role in protecting your information.

Whilst our security precautions make a wide number of scenarios safer, it’s important you know how to protect yourself and ensure you keep safe when banking.

Below are some security tips to help keep you safe when you bank.

Mobile Banking

Find out more about mobile banking.

1. Be careful about what applications you install on your mobile device. Always ensure you download our mobile app from either website or official App Stores for Apple and Android.

2. We recommend that you setup a PIN or passcode on your device, and that it is different to your Suncorp Bank passcode.

3. Make sure only your fingerprints are registered to the device. Fingerprint Login will detect any fingerprint stored in the device, so it’s important just your fingerprints are registered. Find out more about Fingerprint Login.

4. Don’t store and save personal information such as account numbers, customer IDs, Passwords etc. on your mobile device.

Lost or stolen device? If you lose your mobile device, we recommend you change your Internet Banking password immediately and call us on 13 11 55.

Internet Banking

Find out more about Internet Banking.

1. Always access Internet Banking via Do not save Internet Banking as a favourite and never access Internet Banking via an email.

2. Always check to see the address for internet banking starts with https:// and has a padlock on the browser.

3. Avoid using shared computers such as  internet cafes  and always logout properly when using a shared computer.

4. Our URL (or web address) is If anything different appears, close the window and contact us immediately on 13 11 55.

5. If you've opened an eStatement while using Internet Banking on a shared computer, ensure your statement is not saved to the shared computer once you are finished.

6. Check your transaction history and last login details regularly, if you notice any unusual activity or transactions, call us on 13 11 55.

7. Never leave Internet Banking logged in when you are away from your home or office PC. Always log off once you are finished and ensure you close the window.

8. Consider downloading the Suncorp Secured App, an extra safety measure to approve certain bank transactions by generating a unique Security Token Code on your mobile phone.

Shield your digital life with McAfee, 3 months free for 3 devices.

To ensure your devices have comprehensive security, Suncorp has partnered with McAfee to offer you a 3 month free trial of their McAfee Multi Access offering.

Telephone Banking

 Find out more about telephone banking.

1. Never disclose your Telephone Access Code (TAC) to anyone.

2. We will never ask for your TAC or ask you to email your TAC. Our contact centre consultants do not know your TAC as we do not store it on any system.

3. If another person requires access to your accounts, consider allowing 'information only access' that allows the third party to only hear balances but not transact. This is also available for Internet Banking. Contact us on 13 11 55 for more information.

Download a Guide to help you safeguard your Suncorp Bank card PIN and Access Codes (PDF 92KB)

Cards and ATMs

1. Sign any new cards as soon as you receive them and carry your card with you, in a safe place.

2. Destroy your card when it expires and if your card is lost, stolen or misused then contact us immediately on 13 11 55.

3. Be aware when withdrawing money from automatic teller machines (ATMs). If anything seems out of place with the machine, DON'T complete a transaction. For more information on ATM security, go to our ATM security and skimming page.

4. Memorise your PIN and choose PINs that are hard to guess (don't use date of birth or address details)

Bank Statements and Chequebooks

1. Sign-up to receive your statements online through Internet Banking to avoid potential identity theft if your mail is stolen.

2. Always check your bank statements and ensure that you can account for every transaction, call us on 13 11 55 if you detect anything suspicious.

3. Always shred or cut up bills, statements and expired cards before you throw them away.

4. Keep your personal details secure:

  • store your chequebooks, bank statements and other sensitive information in a safe place
  • avoid sharing your passwords, PIN numbers or other sensitive information with anybody else
  • make sure that you destroy receipts, applications, bills and other sensitive information before throwing them in the bin

5. If you change your address or other personal details, please notify Suncorp immediately on 13 11 55.

6. If you ever lose a chequebook, a cheque or have not received one when you think you should have, contact us on 13 11 55 to check the status.

Never send your sensitive details (particularly passwords) by email to anyone, including Suncorp staff unless it is via a secure message within Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

Identity Theft

'Identity theft' is the term used when someone collects enough information about you to allow them to pose as you on the Internet or in other situations. An example of identity theft is someone stealing your personal banking information and using it to open a bank account or apply for a loan in your name.

Some simple tips to reduce your risk:

  • Be careful about the information you reveal about yourself online, and always read the privacy policies of web sites to which you provide personal information.
  • Don’t give out personal information to anyone unless you know that they are a trusted and reputable source. If in doubt, contact the organisation directly.
  • Make sure that your computer is properly secured (ie. has up-to-date anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware protection). See our section on Protecting Your Computer for more information.
  • Be aware of the common tricks used by online scammers and fraudsters. See our section on Latest Online Scams for more information.
  • Choose passwords that are easy to remember but are hard to guess, and change them regularly.
  • Contact us on 13 11 55 if you suspect someone else knows your Internet Banking password, EFT password or PIN, or if you think you have fallen victim to fraud.

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