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Understanding online security

We’re here to help you stay safe online and on-the-go.

Your online security is important to us

Our tips and resources can help you stay safe and bank online with confidence.

Keep yourself secure

How we protect your money online

Identify and report threats

Know how to bank safe

Need help with your security right away?

If you think your online security has been compromised, it’s important to act fast. Get in touch with Suncorp Bank on 13 11 55 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use our Easy English guide. Many people can find it hard to read and understand written information. We've created an Easy English Guide to Scams and Fraud (PDF) to help explain how to stay safe online.

You can find more easy-to-read banking guides on the Australian Banking Association website.

Important security contacts

Visa Debit or Credit card lost or stolen?

If you believe your card has been lost or stolen it’s important to inform us as soon as possible. If you fail to notify us, you may be liable for any unauthorised transactions processed to your account, as per the Terms and Conditions.

Inform us via the Suncorp App

If you have a Visa Debit card or PayLater Visa Debit card you can report it as lost or stolen in the Suncorp App:

  1. Select ‘Manage Cards’ on the Banking screen
  2. Select the card you’d like to report as lost or stolen.
  3. Choose ‘Report Lost or Stolen Card’

If you report your card as lost or stolen, we’ll automatically send a replacement to your registered address. 

For Suncorp Clear Options Credit Cards or eftpos cards, damaged cards, or if you prefer to speak to someone, contact us on the number below.

Call us

To report your card as lost or stolen:
13 11 55 (overseas: +61 7 3362 1712)

If you suspect that your card may have been used to make an unauthorised transaction you can report it to us using the Suncorp App, or by completing the relevant dispute form

Spotted a scam? Tell us.

Please forward suspicious emails that appear to have been sent by Suncorp Bank to us at and then delete it.

If you receive a suspicious email that appears to have been sent by Suncorp Bank, DON'T click on any links or attachments in the email.

Got a question about a specific scam? You may find the answer in our ‘Identify and report scams’ FAQs.

Latest updates

Scam Warning – latest update 29/09/2023

Be alert to offenders impersonating Suncorp Bank’s fraud team. Do not act.

Learn More

Scam Warning – latest update 15/09/2023

We’ve seen several reports relating to a Bank of Scotland bond scam where offenders are impersonating Suncorp Bank employees. If you are contacted in relation to this - do not act. If you think you may have been impacted by a scam, please contact your financial institution immediately.

Scam Warning – latest update 15/09/2023

Suncorp Bank customers should be alert to receiving messages or calls claiming to be from our fraud team asking them to transfer money or share passwords. If you receive a call or message like this, please call us immediately on 13 11 55

Learn More

Scam Warning – latest update 15/06/2023

Suncorp Bank customers should be alert to receiving messages or calls claiming to be from our fraud team asking them to transfer money or share passwords. If you receive a call or message like this, please call us immediately on 13 11 55.

Learn More

Scam Warning – latest update 24/04/2023

Suncorp Bank customers should be aware of fraudulent phishing text messages which claim to be from Australia Post. The messages ask customers to follow a link and enter their card details to make a payment for outstanding postage or to arrange redelivery.

Learn More

Scam Warning – latest update 05/04/2023

Customers should be alert to emails or calls by offenders pretending to be from Suncorp Bank offering high interest Terms Deposits and Bonds. If you receive a call like this, please call us immediately on 13 11 55.

Learn More

Scam Warning – latest update 02/02/2023

We are continuing to see the development of text message scams. Suncorp Bank customers are reminded to be alert to receiving messages claiming to be from Suncorp Bank. The latest round of these messages may include another bank’s phone number.

Learn More

Scam Warning – fraud team impersonation scam

Suncorp Bank customers are encouraged to be alert to receiving messages claiming to be from our fraud team asking them to transfer money.

Learn More

Scam Warning – family impersonation scam

We are continuing to see the impact of “hi mum” text message scams, with many people receiving scam messages such as:

“hi mum, i’ve smashed my phone, can you whatsapp me, heres my new number 04XXXXXXXX…” 

Do not engage in a request like this, and never send money or share your bank details or other sensitive information without validating the identity of the recipient.

Learn More

Beware of increased phishing activity

Suncorp is aware of increased SMS and email phishing messages (these are messages that appear to be from your bank, phone company or similar organisation but are in fact fraudulent). These messages may request that you update your payment card details via a link in the message.
Always validate this request directly with the company before providing any card details.

Learn More

Optus data breach

Suncorp is aware of the recently announced data breach impacting current and former Optus customers. While this data breach has not impacted any Suncorp systems, Suncorp encourages impacted customers to maintain a heightened level of awareness around your banking activity and
to contact us immediately if you have any concerns. If you would like assistance with updating any of your banking credentials please call us
on 13 11 55.

Learn More

Warning: Suncorp corporate bond scam

A scam involving fake Suncorp bonds is currently active in the market. If you’ve received calls or emails from anyone offering you the opportunity to purchase Suncorp bonds, be extremely cautious.

Learn More

Stay on top of security alerts in your area

Recognise, avoid and report scams.

Visit Scamwatch

Security tips to help prevent remote access scams

We have seen an increase in remote access scams, which is a method scammers use to gain access to your computer and Internet Banking remotely before stealing your money. 

Here are some helpful tips to help prevent a remote access scam from happening to you:

  • Do not provide any person with remote access to your computer or device. Scammers may call you pretending to be your bank or another organisation. They may ask you to provide your banking details, log in details, passwords, or other personal information via a link or over the phone. Do not share this information and hang up immediately.
  • Never click on an email link that is asking you to log in to your Internet Banking. Suncorp Bank does not send direct links to your Internet Banking in legitimate emails. Always access Internet Banking manually via or
  • Suncorp Bank will never ask you to share your one-time password. Do not disclose these codes to anyone, not even a caller claiming to be from Suncorp Bank or another organisation.
  • If you get a spontaneous call and you are unsure, hang up immediately and call back on the publicly listed phone number.
  • Do not be pressured by a threatening or persistent caller. It’s ok to hang up.
  • Log into Suncorp Bank Internet Banking where you can set a lower transfer limit if you do not plan on transferring large values in the near future. You can increase this limit again later if you need to.
  • Change your password.
  • Do not store or save personal information such as account numbers, customers ID, passwords, or passcodes on your mobile device.
  • Set up a PIN, fingerprint, face ID or passcode on your compatible device.
  • Set up outgoing payment notifications so you can get notified when money goes out of your account via the Suncorp App.
  • Temporarily lock your eligible Visa Debit card via the Suncorp App.
  • Always access Internet Banking manually via or Never access Internet Banking via a link in an email.
  • Check your transaction history regularly. If something looks suspicious, please contact us immediately.

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