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flexiRates: higher interest rates on Savings

flexiRates are like a flexible online term deposit you can manage yourself. They allow you to set aside a portion of your savings in eligible accounts for a nominated period, have it earn a little extra interest, and help you reach your savings goals quicker.

Why choose flexiRates

No minimum balance required

You can set up flexiRates for specified amounts from $1 to $1 million dollars inclusive

Early release option

No admin fee is charged if you need to withdraw all of the funds before the end of your nominated period. An interest adjustment will apply

Choose a period that suits you

You can apply flexiRates with terms from 1 to 12 months, depending on your budgeting and savings needs

Freedom to set up and manage yourself

You can setup a flexiRate in under a minute on eligible accounts and view your balances at any time in the Suncorp App, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

Reduce the temptation to spend

Lock away a portion of your money to save for something special

How do flexiRates work?

If you have more money in savings than you’ll need for your short-term expenses, you can lock a portion of it away at a higher fixed interest rate than the unlocked portion. 

For example, if you’ve got $10,000 saved but only need $2,000 in the near future, you can apply a 6-month flexiRate (with no additional account keeping or transaction fees!) to the unused $8,000 and earn more interest on that balance than you do on the $2,000. Simple!

Want a little more detail? See the Product Information Document.

Interest Rates

3 months


6 months (special)


12 months


Eligible savings accounts

55 Plus Account

An interest-earning transaction account for customers aged 55 and over.

Everyday Options sub accounts

Sub-accounts can be set up with an Everyday Options account to help you split and manage your money.

eOptions Account

An online-only savings account with no account-keeping fees.

Business Saver Account

An online-only savings account for businesses.

How to set up your flexiRates

Step 1

Ensure that you have an eligible Suncorp Bank savings account.

Step 2

Select 'flexiRates' in either Internet Banking or the Suncorp Mobile Banking App, in the main menu on the left side or via the eligible savings account in the Suncorp App.

Step 3

Click ‘Setup new flexiRate’.

Step 4

Select the options that best suit you.

Don’t forget if you need to access your savings, you can request for the funds within the flexiRate to be released at any time with no additional fees. If the early release is approved, an interest adjustment will apply.

Helpful Tools

Savings Calculator
Budget Planner
Personal Deposit Product Information Document

Frequently asked questions


How can I view and manage my flexiRates?

You can easily set up, view and manage your flexiRates in Internet Banking or the Suncorp Mobile Banking App.

Please note that any funds locked away in flexiRates won’t show as part of your normal account balance on the main screen. Don’t panic, the money hasn’t disappeared! It’s just separated from the unlocked portion of your savings.

Start savings with flexiRates

Set up a new flexiRate

You can easily manage flexiRates in Internet Banking

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Deposit Products are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd (“Suncorp Bank”) ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL No 229882. Please read the Product Information Document Personal Deposit Accounts before opening an account. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply and are available on request.


Eligible accounts

flexiRates are available with: 55 Plus Account, Everyday Options sub accounts, eOptions Account and Business Saver Account

Interest adjustment

Your interest will however be adjusted if you request to release your flexiRate early. This simply reduces the amount of interest you’ll receive and doesn’t impact the amount that you originally put in.

Flexi Rate

flexiRates allows you to earn higher interest rates by locking away a portion of your savings for periods up to 12 months.

Stepped Basis

Interest is calculated on a ‘stepped’ basis, which means you'll earn interest based on the parts of your account balance which fall within a set dollar and interest rate range. Please see the interest rate tab for rates across all account balances. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.


flexiRate rates allow you to earn higher interest rates by locking away a portion of your savings within your account for periods up to 12 months.