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How to manage a Suncorp Bank account when someone passes away

How to manage a Suncorp Bank account when someone passes away

Helping you during a difficult time

The loss of a family member or friend can be an incredibly difficult time and dealing with their finances may be the furthest thing from your mind. We’re here to help make it as simple as possible. 

On this page you’ll find a brief overview of what you may expect from us when managing the banking affairs of someone that has recently passed. For more detailed information, and to understand what steps you may need to take, please refer to our Guide to Managing a Deceased Estate (PDF, 182KB).

What does deceased estate mean?

An estate comprises of all the assets and liabilities that belong to the deceased. We’ll help you with any bank accounts, mortgages and other debts that the deceased holds with Suncorp Bank.

It's important to let us know

The easiest and quickest way to inform us is by completing our online notification form.  If you prefer, you can also complete and return the Deceased Notification Form (PDF, 64KB) using the contact details below. 

Before you start, you’ll need:

  • details of the account(s) held by the deceased (if known)
  • the date of the deceased’s birth and death
  • your contact details and relationship to the deceased. 

You can contact our Customer Support team directly:

by phone on 07 3135 3525 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST)

by post to Deceased Estates, PO BOX 1453, Brisbane, QLD, 4001

at your nearest Suncorp branch

your Business Relationship Manager (If applicable).

What happens after you contact us 

As soon as we receive your notification, we'll place a hold on all account(s) that are in the sole name of the deceased*.  At this point you won’t be able to withdraw any funds from the account(s), except for funeral expenses and specific types of debt which Suncorp Bank can organise on your behalf. Additionally, you won’t be able to credit the account(s) from another Suncorp Bank account, but you can still make deposits from external banks up until the account is closed.

We’ll review the account(s) and advise what additional documentation is required. Before we’re able to close the accounts and release funds, you’ll need to complete and return the following form:

We may also ask for additional documentation, for example:

  • formal identification for all Executors/Administrators
  • Proof of Death
  • a certified copy of the deceased's Will.

Once we have the required documentation, we’ll provide a letter summarising the account(s) held by Suncorp Bank within 14 days.

To find out about required documentation and what you can expect next, please read our Guide to Managing a Deceased Estate (PDF, 182KB)

Preparing for the finalisation of banking affairs 

Once we receive all required documentation, and upon the instructions of the executors, administrators and/or beneficiaries, we’ll close all accounts and release the funds.

Each estate is different. Some estates will take a short amount of time to finalise, others will be more complicated and may take longer. 


Where can I find extra support? 

Find additional resources available to you during this time, including grief counselling, government support and free legal services.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more support, our Guide to Managing a Deceased Estate (PDF, 182KB) details the process and documentation you’ll need.

Please note that the below information is of a general nature only and not to be taken as legal advice. We recommend that you seek independent legal advice for your  specific circumstances. 


*The hold is not applicable for Joint Accounts unless the account is a Line of Credit, Asset Line or Overdraft account. These accounts will be changed into the name of the surviving account holder once Proof of Death is provided.

⌃We require you to complete the email consent section on the Deceased Notification Form (PDF, 64KB)  before we can send you any information and/or documentation electronically.

Separate teams within Suncorp Bank deal with different products and these other teams may contact you separately for clarification or extra information as required.

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