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By setting up an automatic sweep, you can ensure the funds in your account stay above a certain level at all times. It only works if you have at least two Suncorp Bank accounts, but if you do, you can set up either an Insufficient Funds Sweep or a Funds Management Sweep (or both!)

Insufficient Funds Sweep: if your primary account doesn’t have enough funds to pay for a Direct Debit being withdrawn, or a cheque being cleared, this sweep will automatically take the funds from another nominated account (as long as there’s enough money in there!).

Funds Management Sweep: allows you to set a certain balance in an elected account, and then have any excess funds transferred to or from a second account. You can use this to, for example, set an amount you want to keep in your savings account, and then make sure the rest of your money is in your transaction account for you to use.

To set up either or both of these sweeps, visit a Suncorp store or log in to Internet Banking and send our team a secure message.