Supplementary living expenses (contents)


Your way of life, is your way of life. Unfortunately, when an insured event has occurred, it can disrupt this. That’s why it’s important to know which policy potentially covers you for these expenses.

What policy covers supplementary living expenses (contents)


Sorry, it is not covered

Classic Extras

It’s covered up to $1500 for any one incident

Classic Advantages

It’s covered up to $2000 for any one incident

What’s covered

If your insured address cannot be lived in after an insured event, we will cover the reasonable increase in your normal living expenses necessary to maintain your usual standard of living during the repair or rebuilding process or until you are permanently relocated. The most we will pay for any one incident is highlighted in the table above.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered, such as we will not cover any expenses covered under any other additional cover or optional cover. You can learn more about this coverage and its exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.